Leeds United: Nasri was pick of a class Arsenal team - Ormsby

Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan.

I know Samir Nasri got the man-of-the-match award on Wednesday, but for me, Arsenal's centre-half – Laurent Koscielny – was the best by a country mile. Who did your vote go to?


I'VE got to be honest, I did give Nasri man of the match for what he did when he was on, although I did give Koscielny high marks as well; I thought he did have a very good game.

Nasri showed his class and I did think when Arsenal went 2-0 up, it could end up four or five; fortunately we got back into it with a great strike from Bradley (Johnson) and that made things more interesting and it became more of a game in the second half.


Everyone was expecting Arsenal to win; if Leeds would have won, it would have been an upset, despite us being at home.

You look at Arsenal's bench – Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott, Robin van Persie...What strength they had. I did think before the game, Arsene Wenger might have put the 'big boys' on early to try and win the game and then taken them off.

Instead, he left them on the pitch, but what he put out at the start was strong and not even a second string.

When Fabregas came on, you could see straightaway that he's a hell of a player and he was involved in everything.

The thing about Arsenal is that they are all comfortable on the ball, right down to the two centre-halves. They all play little one-twos around the middle – yes sometimes, they overplay, but it's great to watch and the passing and movement is terrific.

I think Arsenal are definitely the best team in the league to watch in terms of football.

Every player wants the ball. Although we gave the ball straight back to them a bit too much.

But overall, I think we did well. Bradley (Johnson) worked hard and scored a great goal, for instance.

The sponsors' named Max Gradel as our man of the match and he was ok.

Although the other fella, Sanchez Watt struggled to be fair, I thought. He's not really a defensive type of player and didn't get back enough and the Arsenal players were reading his tricks quite easily.

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