Leeds United: Forget the weather and get on with it! - Lorimer

There is a lot of talk – once again – about having a winter break in football, especially in Scotland, but for me, I don't see anything at all wrong with our system.

I think this is something that maybe the foreign players want and for me, they want it all their own way.

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They want 100 grand a week, but also Christmas off to suit themselves.

It's not for me, the players should be out there, they get well paid and should be playing.

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That's the way the system is over here, let's not change it for them to pursue their personal lives.

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Let's be fair, the biggest crowds you get are over the Christmas period and when people are on holiday it's a great diversion when you can go and watch a football match.

I know it's very cold this year, but after a couple of days in the house, you are looking for something to do.

Meanwhile, Simon Grayson celebrated his second anniversary in charge of Leeds this week and for me, he's done a terrific job after coming in at a difficult time.

When you look at it, Blackpool are doing well. And while Ian Holloway has done great there, I think the grounding was done by Simon, who got them promoted to the Championship.

When you go into a club that has been well organised, it makes life easier.

What Simon has done at Blackpool and now at Leeds shows that he knows the job and he's doing a very good job.

His work ethic stands out.

As a player, Simon was very solid and one who gave 100 per cent every week and now he's gone into management, that's what he expects from his players – and what he is getting.

He was a good player, although he would be the first to say he never reached the highest level.

But he had a good long career because of his reliability and the quality of person he was and that shows under his management.

Too many managers go from club to club and where they go is just another club for them. They aren't in it for the long term.

But Simon's a young manager who has big ambitions for Leeds and it's a very good thing to have.

Saturday's win over QPR was a great performance and a thoroughly-deserved victory – it showed the strength of our squad.

The big thing for me is you look at our squad and we've lads like Billy Paynter, Lloyd Sam and Ross McCormack on the bench to call upon and over this busy period, it's going to be vital that we have such a strong squad.

We've now gone second in the table and everyone is pleasantly surprised at the situation.

We said from day one that our first aim was consolidation as a Championship side and that's only right.

But even last season, when we played Manchester United and Tottenham, we showed our quality. We have some very good players and while some people say it might be a bit too early to go up, it never is.

You might not be guaranteed another chance quickly and the Championship is a very difficult league to get out of.