Leeds United can do it again in FA Cup - Ormsby

Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan.

It's FA Cup third-round day next weekend. Was it a date that players really looked forward to in your day and what memories do you have?


IT used to be a special day – and should still be now. You always used to look forward to third-round day and there was a buzz around it – as there will be for Leeds this year with a massive cup tie at Arsenal and there will be loads of media coverage.

That's what it's all about and the players should be loving it.

We never used to have the amount of coverage, but it was still a special thing.


When a non-league club drew a big club, it was 'cup final day' for them.

In my day, the big clubs never used to belittle the FA Cup, now it's all the Premier League and European Cup.

I remember Leeds in '87 getting Telford away in one of the early rounds when we had to play at West Brom in a game that shouldn't have been played because of a rock-hard pitch.

It evened things up, but we managed to sneak through 2-1. We had to have the right attitude; if we'd have got out thinking we would walk it, we could have got turned over and Leeds famously did at Colchester years before.

It was a horrible day and we had to get a second coach as the first one wouldn't start! It could have been a bad day all around, but Billy Bremner got us in the right frame of mind and we did the job.

At Villa, I can't really recall many cup ties, most of the memorable ones were in the run in '87 with Leeds.

Even the one where I didn't play at Wigan, where I had to sit in the stand because I was suspended and I remember Stilesy (John Stiles) scored and Micky Adams.

You look at Leeds last season, going to Man United in the third round and winning.

For many supporters, that were their 'season', no matter what happened after.

In terms of the Arsenal game, I do think it will depend on what side Aresenal manager Arsene Wenger puts out and how serious he takes it.

I think he knows he will be facing a massive club and not a Mickey Mouse outfit and I do think he'll put his strongest team out.

But if he puts his 'second-hand' team out, I think we can do them!

We've just got to look forward to the occasion and enjoy it and not be overawed by it and give 100 per cent.


Hi Brendan. I think Leigh Bromby,was really unlucky to be left out after the QPR game. What do you make of the chopping and changing of the back four?

TERRY, Menston

I know what you are saying. The one part of the team you must try not to change, if possible, is the back five or four.

Injuries haven't helped obviously, but I do think bringing Andy O'Brien has been a good move and it did settle particularly Alex Bruce with his experience alongside him.

O'Brien was unfortunate the other day against Portsmouth. I don't care what people say about the first one; I think Schmeichel would have saved it without the deflection, so for me that was an own goal.

With the second, it was a great ball in from the winger into the six-yard box and it was one of those crosses where as a defender you have to commit yourself or leave it. Once you make your choice, you can't pull out and Andy went for it and it was unfortunate what happened with Schmeichel on his way out.

They should have learned from the Leicester game when they were 2-0 up with just over 15 minutes to go and then let in two in the space of three of four minutes. After going 3-1 up against Pompey, we should have shut up shop. Bruce was going to come on just before their third goal and then when it went in, he went back on the bench. At 3-1, we should maybe have brought another defender or midfielder on and blocked it up.



Do you think Roy Hodgson has got long left at Liverpool? He looks to be the next big managerial casualty.


In a way, I feel sorry for Hodgson, but he still knew what he was taking on.

He did a great job at Fulham, but obviously left because Liverpool is a far bigger club with prestige and if he could pull things off there, he would be a miracle worker.

At the minute, it's going in the wrong direction and he's on very thin ice.

The supporters don't want to see Liverpool in the bottom half of the table and won't put up with it.

With the history they have had with someone Kenny Dalglish sat in the stands watching their games; I think he's the one who they would all vote for if they could have a new manager tomorrow.

Hodgson will say it's not his team yet and that he inherited it and that he hasn't been given the money.

But how much money do managers' want?

It's not a poor squad, don't get me wrong, but it's not a great one and it depends what he can do with them.


It also depends on what he gets in the January window, or if he is still there because do they give him the money?

I played against the Liverpool sides of the 70s and 80s and they were frightening! Anfield used to be so intimidating; you used to walk down the tunnel with the big Liverpool badge on the stairs, which the players used to touch.

But going to Liverpool is not frightening any more and teams like Wolves the other night think they can go there and get a result.

They are not a good team, with a lot of average players.

I think Steven Gerrard now has been there too long for his own sake, he should have left there a couple of years ago.

But because he's 'Mr Liverpool', if you like, he won't go.

And as for Fernando Torres, I think he's just not bothered and is looking for a move.

They are nowhere near the team of the 70s and 80s. When we used to play there with Aston Villa, we used to take two balls out and give them one because we weren't going to get one off them anyway!

And we'd play with our own and just keep it in the penalty area!

They just had real class players.

To be fair, I was pleased for Mick McCarthy on Wednesday, I like him as a manager and a person and I do hope Wolves stay up.

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