Leeds United: Bromby got his reward - Ormsby

Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hello Brendan. It was nice to see Leigh Bromby get a chance on Saturday as he's had to wait so long for his opportunity.

Brian Fox, LS10

I actually spoke to Leigh a few weeks ago after bumping into him at the ground and he said he was just keeping himself as fit as he could.

They were giving him a lot of running to do, which you do when you are not in the first team.

I said to him that's all he could do.

I've been in that position as well, where you find yourself bombed out and coming into training when the first-team are going home.

It depends how you let it affect you. All I wanted to do was play football and while I didn't enjoy training with the kids, especially when you see your mates going home – or even out for an afternoon booze – you have to keep yourself fit and your mind on the job.

When the reserve games came around, I always looked forward to them – I really did. I even volunteered for youth team games on the Saturday.

I remember when Brian Little was in charge of the youth team at Villa, I played quite a few times for him, just to get a game.

You have got to keep your attitude right and be match fit and stay sharp.

If and when you do play for the reserves, there will be scouts watching from other clubs and they will know what is going on and will see who is playing.

That's why when Mervyn (Day) was up at Leeds and he kept telling me Billy Bremner was after me, there was no way I was going to mess about!

If my attitude was poor, Villa wouldn't have picked me and no-one would have been interested in me, so I always gave 100 per cent in the reserves.

I also just enjoyed playing football. It's what you are paid to do and love doing.

Like I said to Leigh, you can't let things grind you down. It's up to players in a team to show character and almost think: 'Sod you, I'm in the reserves – fine! I'll prove a point'.

I think Leigh did on Saturday, as he came on very early in the game against QPR and I thought he and Neill Collins did really well.

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Having watched Manchester City lose to Everton on Monday, do you think they are still title contenders?


I still think they are going to be contenders, as it's more open than it has been for quite a few years. In the past, it's been Man United and Chelsea running away with it.

Arsenal have come back into it a bit and even Tottenham are pushing – although I still do think it will either be Man U or Chelsea to win it.

If Man City had gone top on Monday, it would have been the first time they have gone top of the Premiership or Division One – the top-flight or whatever you want to call it – for I don't know how long. And they blew it.

I know Tim Cahill has spoken about the team spirit at Everton, who obviously won at Eastlands this week, while you hear all sorts of things coming out of the club about the lack of it at City, especially regarding Mario Balotelli and there was supposed to have been a punch-up between him and Jerome Boateng in training recently.


It also seems they are not happy with the training and doing stuff twice a day and Carlos Tevez also doesn't seem happy.

I do think, like at a lot of Premiership clubs, there are too many superstars and egos there. No-one seems to want to be told what they want to do as they believe they are great players!

For me, you do need a good dressing room to get through the season and everyone needs to get on well. You don't need any big heads and this could affect Man City's season as I don't think the manager has 100 per cent control over the changing room.

But I still think they will be there or thereabouts.

Let's face it, with the amount of money they have spent, they should be – and the owners will want a quick return.


HI Brendan, it was nice to see a team of men take the field in leeds united shirts on saturday. There were no gloves or snoods at all, a refreshing change!


The likes of me and the press lads might be freezing in the press box or gantry on days like last Saturday – and you do need to wrap up. But players on the pitch are running around – or should be – for 90 minutes and shouldn't need a pair of gloves, vest or snood or whatever as they should be warm enough.

They are out there to sweat and with the amount of work they should be doing, they should be warmed up anyway.

If Simon Grayson has said that the players can wear these things in training, but not on a match day, that's fair enough.


I don't like those snood things – or whatever they are called – basically a scarf wrapped around your neck. It's a load of rubbish, what are they all about! You can't imagine someone like Joe Jordan wearing one!

Nowadays, if players wear short-sleeved shirts in winter, they usually wear a long, plain coloured vest underneath, so what's the point? Then then likes of Wayne Rooney wears gloves. I suppose that's up to him – I remember when I played in Iceland once years ago, in short-sleeves, my arms were frozen stiff, but I didn't like wearing long sleeves.

I didn't want to wear a T-shirt or vest and I was never going to wear gloves and I certainly wouldn't wear a snood!

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