Leeds United: Bring Woodgate and Smith back - Ormsby

Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan. We've been linked with moves for Alan Smith and Jonathan Woodgate. I reckon they would be brilliant signings for us. VIA EMAIL

I heard the rumour the other day about Smithy and for me, both would be great signings with massive Leeds connections and the majority of supporters love the pair of them still.

Both were great favourites at the club and it was only because Smithy went to Man United that some of the fans started to get at him – if he'd have gone anywhere else, nothing would have been said. But he had to further his career and once he went to Man United, he got in the England squad.

I saw Smithy last season when he came to watch a Leeds game and he said every time he comes back to Leeds, he feels as though he's coming home and I think he would love to come back to Leeds.

He's been away and had two big moves, but he's always said Leeds are his home club.

I think Leeds fans would welcome him back. If he's big enough to say: 'I want to come back to the club', the people who had a go at him would soon forget he left and went to Man United.

Fans have got to forget it; it's water under the bridge. If he comes back, people would forgive him.

Smithy has matured since he left, but is such a committed player still and for the that first 50-50, you could count on him being in there competing for the ball and fans know what he is like – a 110 per center who never shirks anything or cheats.

As an opposing player, I wouldn't like to play against him as he annoys you, grafts and never gives you a minutes peace – when Smithy is on the opposing team sheet, you know you are going to be in for a hard afternoon.

And he has always loved the club. We need someone like Smithy in there to put himself about to give Kilkenny, a ball player, a lot more freedom to get on the ball and play.

Both him and Woody could be the people Leeds need.

Woody needs a break and I don't mean that in an injury sense as he's had loads of operations over the years!

He needs to be playing and is the forgotten man of English football. He's one of those players who when he finishes his career, people will say: 'If only.' How many England caps would he have won without injury?

When he's fit, he's a hell of a ball-playing centre-half. He's a nice lad as well, he's just been so unlucky with injuries over the years. Once you pick up one injury and come back, often you get something else, that seems to have been his problem.

If we got both of them, it would be a massive boost for Leeds United Football Club and the city itself. They could push us up to that automatic promotion slot, or at worst, the play-offs.

If he gets them and it works in his favour, Simon will be considered the best manager we've had for a long while.

They are both too nice lads as well. In this column, we've spoken over the weeks and months about a lot of players being prima-donnas. But not those two.

I know Smithy better than Woody, but they are both really down-to-earth lads who appreciate their football. They aren't in it for the money and Woody will just want to try and play as much football as he can for the rest of his career, injury-free. And Smithy just wants to play anyway.

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Neil Kilkenny has gone to the Asian Cup. It's crazy that players have to go to tin-pot competitions like this halfway through a domestic season. MORLEY WHITE

For countries to pull a player from his club and run the risk of injury...I wouldn't like it if I was a club manager.

No doubt Kilkenny will be proud to represent his country, but I would be upset missing a month of club football when I 'd know I could be missing big promotion battles. Neil will also miss the Arsenal game – his old club – one of the biggest games he would have likely to have played in this season.

This competition might be a great experience for Neil, but it's not right that it's played in a season.

The club's pay players wages and the absence of certain players at clubs could upset clubs who are pushing for promotion, fighting for relegation or having a good cup run. It can have a negative effect on teams and obviously we have got to find a ball-player while he is away.

Everton have obviously lost Tim Cahill as well and he's a really big player for them, a hell of a header of the ball who gets some great goals in the air, despite not being the biggest. He's a genuine goalscoring midfielder and they will have to try and replace him.

International cup competitions shouldn't take place in a season. I know with the Qatar World Cup, they are talking about playing it in the winter or something as well!



Where realistically do you think we can finish this season? GARY JONES, BATLEY

At the start of the season, I said I'd be happy with a mid-table/top-half finish and a season of consolidation. But because of what we have and we were are at the moment, I know our fans will get greedy and definitely be looking at the top six.

There's no great teams in this division. We've beaten QPR at home and all the teams look capable of beating each other and I'd think with where we are at the moment, we should finish in the play-offs, at worst.

We've just got to stop making silly mistakes and learn from the Leicester and Portsmouth games.

It was four points dropped there and we also drew against Boro, although in the end, that was probably a good point – Boro were the best team in the first half and Leeds probably shaded it in the second.

That makes six points lost in three games and if we'd had those, we would have been second.

Some of the goals we've given away when you look back throughout the season have been schoolboy errors and in the final analysis, they could really cost us and we could regret it. If we are 2-0, 3-1 or 4-1 up, kill the game and put another centre-half/midfielder on!

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