Leeds United: Award is reward for all Simon's efforts - Ormsby

Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan.

Simon Grayson has finally landed a manager of the month award for December. About time!


Yes, I think Simon was due one. I've got to be honest, there's a few people at my work who are still moaning about him, but what more can he do?

At the end of the day, he got us promoted last year and won at Manchaester United in the cup. He kept his cool, even though it took us until the last game of the season to go up – when everyone else had started panicking.

Remember, we went 1-0 down and had a man sent off on the last day and everyone thought it was all over and it's the play-offs again. But the players stuck at it and Simon got us promotion, which is what he was brought in to do.


We're back in the Championship and at the start of the season, I'd have been happy with mid-table.

But we're in a play-off spot already after a great run.

OK, the last few games, we've dropped points, but if anybody offered our current position at the start of the season, I think we would have shaken that person's hand off!

I've known Simon for twenty-odd years since I was at the club. He was one of those players who always did a job without you noticing him.

He was a quiet lad, who didn't go putting himself about.

He's a bit like that as a manager; you don't see him ranting and raving on the touchline.

But he's determined and isn't afraid to make decisions.

I've played in a couple of charity matches with him involving Leeds teams.

One game I was really narked off as he came in with his physio Harvey (Sharman) and he said: 'Right Harvey, it's you and me at the back and you go sub, Brendan!'

No disrespect, no-one knew who Harvey was and I was an ex-captain sat on the bench!

But I think Simon realised what he done and said: 'No, Brendan, you start.'

I know at first I was a little peeved off, but at the end of the day, as a manager that's how you've got to be.

He's not scared to make decisions and clearly if you are a player at Leeds and cross him, you won't do it again.

He fully deserves this award after getting us up into a play-off spot.


Brendan, I see 'King Kenny' is back as Liverpool boss. Do you think he can turn it around?

SUE, Batley

He managed them in the past, but a monkey could have managed them in their glory days! They were that good.

You look at Liverpool now and they are a poor team. You used to go there, look at the sign in the tunnel and the 11 red shirts and hear the Kop and think: 'Here we go, we'll do well to get anything out of this.'

Not any more, people aren't scared of going to Anfield.

Now, the squad is very average. Kenny is saying he's going to work with the players he's got, but I don't think they are good enough.

Dalglish has got a hell of a job on his hands. It doesn't matter how good you were as a player, it doesn't always extend to management. Look at Gary McAllister here.

Dalglish's got a nightmare squad. Obviously, they lost to Blackpool in the week and were defending quite a lot. That's not the Liverpool way of playing.


That said, when he took over last week and went into that dressing room, as a player you would have thought: 'God, that's Kenny Dalglish!'. Whatever he would have said, you listen and he would get the instant respect of players.

It was a bit like that when Billy Bremner was here.

You couldn't not listen to someone as world-class as him as a player when he said something to you. When he told you what to do, you had to think: 'Right, he knows what he is talking about and I can't have a go at him.' It's the same with Kenny.

No disrespect to Roy Hodgson, he couldn't do that and was struggling at Liverpool.

Fair play to Dalglish when he took Torres off at Manchester United on Sunday. There are too many prima donnas in the Premier League.

All these who claim to be world-class players. Well, Kenny was. Kenny is bigger than any player at Liverpool at the moment. Even Torres. Billy was when he was our manager at Leeds and always would have been, in my eyes.

Yes, Torres is a great player, although he shouldn't have dyed his hair black!

I watched an old football programme the other week and everyone said that Kenny Dalglish was the best player ever to pull on a Liverpool shirt.

I was lucky enough to play against him and he was world-class.


Brendan. Do you think the Arsenal replay is an unwelcome distraction?


No, I'd be looking forward to it and it's not a hindrance.

I know I'm harkening back to when I played, but in our day, we never had squad systems – which I don't like anyway – and I wanted to play every game – that's what I was getting paid for and doing for a living – and be pushing for as many honours as I could.

The Arsenal game will be a sell-out next Wednesday and the cameras are there, and everyone at Leeds will be looking forward to it.

As long as they don't get really turned over, they are onto a winner, although I think again it will be about what side Arsene Wenger puts out. Obviously, Cesc Fabregas, when he came on, and Theo Walcott, with his pace, caused problems late on in the first game.

It's a nice break from the league against top-class opposition and players.

So I'd rather be playing and not have a week off.

Leeds can take heart, look at what Ipswich did to Arsenal the other day and quite a strong line-up.

To come back after losing 7-0 at Chelsea, give credit to Ipswich. They aren't a Mickey Mouse club and Leeds by no means are.

For me, it would be 'Bring on the Arsenal!'

It's a fantastic stage for Leeds players to pit their wits against top-class opposition. We can forget the league and have a go at Arsenal.

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