Ambitious Guiseley to unveil plans for proposed £1 million redevelopment

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GUISELEY will hold an open afternoon at the club on Sundayfrom 12noon until 4pm to discuss their proposals for ground redevelopment at Nethermoor.

The Lions will provide further details about the changes to the ground that they are proposing and also have detailed sketches of their proposed community building, which forms part of the latter stages of the club’s development plans.

Fans potentially concerned with the developments will also be able to ask questions and see the redevelopment plans for themselves.

Chairman Phil Rogerson said: “We need to move things forward and provide a safe and comfortable experience for our spectators.

“We believe there is quality football to be watched at a very reasonable price for families.

“If we can get another ten per cent on our Tuesday night crowds because people can stand under cover, we will be highly delighted. While if we get promoted, there are many sides in the Conference with crowds of just above a thousand and we can aim for that.

“What we would like to do is to get a couple of stands built this close season and maybe do some work on the pitch.

“All that needs to be planned as currently the stands are on the wrong side of the pitch, so we will have to come across it to get the steelwork in.

“We want to put the steelwork in and then increase the drains, so we don’t hopefully go through all the (match) postponements again.

“Additionally, we also hope to have a community ‘hub’ to serve the club and the local community. And by the end of next season, I am very hopeful it will all be there.

“For the club to go forward, you don’t give the community bits without the football being good and it’s part of a package.

“The building will be built as soon as we get the plans approved.”

He added: “We will look at managing the traffic as part of the whole project.

“But it’s as bad, if not worse, on a Friday lunch-time than on Saturday afternoons.

“As for the community building, it’s potentially a £1m investment and revolves around the whole club moving forward.

“We have local elderly groups who want to use to share the offices and we have potentially a cafe for people with learning difficulties. “We have amazing plans for the building,” added the club’s chairman.

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