Little Leeds United fan battling brain tumour 'didn't enjoy' Christmas say family in heartbreaking update

The family of a little Leeds boy battling a brain tumour have released a heartbreaking update on his condition at Christmas.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 28th December 2018, 12:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 9:01 pm
Toby Nye pictured in 2017 with Leeds United's Liam Cooper
Toby Nye pictured in 2017 with Leeds United's Liam Cooper

Leeds United fan Toby Nye was diagnosed with a stage four neuroblastoma last year. Despite undergoing groundbreaking treatment after a £200,000 fundraising campaign, his cancer returned despite having been given the all-clear.

Over Christmas, Toby battled his health but still managed 'some big smiles, his family said.

A statement issued by the family said: "Last week Toby spent most of the day asleep. He was managing to stay awake for around 30 minutes but couldn't manage much more than that. This week Toby is managing to stay awake and alert all day, he isn't able to say much any more and is unable to feed himself.

Toby Nye pictured in 2017

"He started being sick on Monday, his white cell count was high which shows Toby has a bug, he also needed a platelet transfusion.

"He didn't really enjoy Christmas Day due to being sick and got very emotional watching his brother and sister opening their presents because he could not manage to open his.

"The vomiting hasn't subsided to I called the McMillan team who have connected Toby to a syringe driver containing anti-sickness. Fingers crossed this will help.

"Toby hasn't eaten for 4 days and is now struggling to swallow anything even his medications, I also think he now associates eating with being sick which doesn't help.

"If he doesn't manage to eat anything tomorrow he will need an NG tube passing. Although he isn't well we have still had some big smiles and laughs out of him."

Last month his family, from Osmondthorpe, appealed on Twitter for donations to Toby’s JustGiving page, in an effort to raise £5,000 to help him “make memories”, just days after being told that doctors could no longer treat his cancer.

In a heartbreaking message to supporters of the youngster, his mum, Stacey Worsley, said that a new scan revealed that Toby’s tumour had progressed. She added that the youngster’s consultant had “told us that there are no more treatment options for Toby and there is nothing else they can do”.

His family were previously told that Toby was cancer-free following the groundbreaking antibody treatment in July. In the latest update on Toby, his mum said while scans showed his tumour had progressed, the young Leeds fan was in strong spirits.

“He just amazes us and makes us proud each and every day,” she added. To help celebrate the youngster’s fifth birthday in January, the YEP printed special front page featuring a birthday card addressed to Toby. Hundreds of pounds have been donated by supporters towards the latest JustGiving fundraiser. Search ‘Sheriden Worsley’ on to donate to Toby’s appeal.