Your views: Leeds United fans just as fickle as ‘over-passionate’ president

Liam Bridcutt
Liam Bridcutt
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Takeover talk, Massimo Cellino and loan signings have been dominating debate among the Leeds United faithful.


Thai True White, via website

Sometimes I love him, sometimes I hate him, sometimes I want to give him a slap.

However, my belief that he [Leeds United president Massimo Cellino] truly cares (despite his mouthing offs) about our club is unwavering. He is 100 per cent NOT in this for the money, Im sure. He is just a crazy, over-passionate football man.

He changes his opinions at the drop of a hat, as do we supporters. He gives his opinions no matter what, as do we supporters. He is high when we’re winning, as are we supporters. He’s down grumpy when were losing, as are we supporters.

It’s time we accepted him as one of us 100 per cent. Yes, call him names when we don’t agree, pat him on the back when we do agree, but accept he’s no different to us.

Everyone on this forum falls out and disagrees from time to time, thats life. We manage to deal with it and move on.

The wonder of the internet is that we can have an opinion, and our voices do get heard.

We are Leeds, we are quite rightly fickle by nature and ALL of us, including Cellino, want one thing: success on the pitch, and Premiership and Champions League football.

Buyer to have club at heart

smitchyboy, via website

Let’s be honest, Massimo Cellino is not everyone’s cup of tea.

I, for one, can’t stand his constant need to be in the public arena. But, on a positive front, he could work out OK if only he had someone who could control him when he gets a bee in his bonnet. He has no idea about the game in the UK, but he has deep pockets which is something we need. I was happy when Adam Pearson was on board, but since he left look what’s happened.

Let’s hope we can find a buyer who has Leeds United’s interests at heart.

But let’s be honest, he will need very deep pockets if we are to believe all the hype about money we owe and pending court cases – and that’s why Massimo Cellino has to go.

Same old story at Elland Road

itsallwhiteinelmsall, via website

It’s the same old story down at Elland Road. These players [Kyle Lafferty and Liam Bridcutt] are clearly wanted by [Leeds United manager] Steve Evans to help take the club forward. But what do we get from the owner supporting his new manager, a long drawn out saga. Either get the business done or tell the fans now that there is no plan to bring any new players in.