Your views: It’s a tough start for Leeds United but we’ll be able to cope

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LEEDS United fans have their say on the Whites’ opening fixtures in 2015-16, the new kit deal with Kappa, how transfer money should be spent and why the club – like the city – is on the up ...

PremLeeds, via

All the matches look tough games on paper for Leeds United.

Other teams will be wary of us and don’t forget teams that we expect to struggle, do well and vice versa.

Some of the hard games on paper last season – Wednesday home and away, Bournemouth home and away, Huddersfield home and away, Reading away, Norwich away, Boro home and away, Fulham away – meant points points points!

A lot of the players were having their first season in the Championship too so they should all come on for that experience.

Bring in a few more players and teams WILL BE SCARED OF US!! not the other way round.

I don’t think we have a hard start to the season; I think the teams that play us have!

Hindsight will tell us, so on that note I’m off back to bed and MOT into next season.

First month has got me worried

DaveC, via

IN my book it’s a really tough start to the season for United.

Three away games in the first month (make that four if you include the trip to Doncaster in the Capital One Cup) means we’ll need to maximise the home games against Burnley and Sheffield Wednesday in case the away trips prove fruitless (which in early season – they usually do!).

Christmas again looks very difficult (Notts Forest and Derby again!) and going to Simon Grayson’s Preston on the final day of the season does not look particularly enticing if we’re still in the heat of battle at that stage. Having said all that, if we prepare properly there’s no reason why we can’t have a decent start for once.

Positive attitude is key for Leeds

qwasz, via

THIS definitely looks like a tough start to the season for Leeds United. I think the key to our 2015/16 season is getting off to a very good start, we don’t seem to be able to do catch up throughout a full Championship season.

But as tough as it looks at the moment, with a good pre-season behind us and a good, strong, positive mentality then I would certainly say why can’t we get off to a very good start come August?

Bring it on.

Signing up a pacy striker is crucial

Hemsworth -white, via

Providing we sign some pace up front we can look forward to a better season. For once the club is moving in the right direction. Pearson has brought a calm, professional air to Elland Road. A tough start, yes, but we can turnover anybody. We beat most of top six last season.

After years in the doldrums Leeds are well and truly on the up

WF1, via

I was out in Leeds with two cousins up from London – one is at JP Morgan and other at Ove Arup. With cranes everywhere and new bars opening every week they said Leeds is imminently going to be centre of North. Midway between Scotland and London and – crucially – adjacent to Humber ports which account for 22 per cent of UK imports.

Contrast this with the North-West as the Mersey ports are obsolete and Manchester has an airport and little else commercially. So they agree with me that it is inevitable that LUFC will be promoted as at the very worst – I mean the very worst – it will be dragged through by the success of all that is going on around it.

Now Martyn Glover’s here it means we have that crucial thing called infrastructure. That’s new club secretary Stuart Hayton, Adam Pearson and Andrew Umbers, Uwe Rosler and Rob Kelly etc. This is right and proper investment and none of them have arrived because they think we are doomed.

With this infrastructure now in place and £3 million to be added to the wage bill, our club is now good to go.

It’s been a long, tortured wait that has included the joys of Carlisle, Yeovil and Southend but there you go. Our time is now and that was our past.

Proceeds from sponsorship deals must strengthen squad

CockSparrow, via

The kit deal is an interesting development and if honest, it’s one that I was actually expecting.

My main reservation though is this “extremely competitive deal” has clearly been on the cards for a while now yet with Erwin and Darikwa (where I understand discussions are still ongoing) we haven’t seen any change in the level of ambition in the transfer market. This was further compounded by Martyn Glover’s recent comments that we can only expect “one or two additional signings” suggesting the quality hasn’t really changed since last season.

It is also no secret that we struggled to get the Bamba deal over the line due to the level of wage required. Of course large sponsorship deals are good but only if the proceeds are reinvested in the squad otherwise the football doesn’t really benefit.

Based on recent actions the biggest concern is the proceeds are merely a means of generating cash to repay the shareholder loans which has little benefit to the football.

We need more information about the new kit deal


To me this new kit deal with Kappa which was announced on Tuesday is neither good or bad news, as we simply do not know what the deal is really worth.

All I hope is that Adam Pearson and Massimo Cellino have negotiated a deal which is worth going to court over with Macron/Enterprise.

Unfortunately, the press conference has, as usual, raised more questions than we have been given answers.

Despite the “idealists” liking the look of the shirt with no sponsor, this will clearly be robbing the club of much needed revenue.

What all fans should realise is that shirt sponsors = income = money for much needed quality players.

The fact that we must be the only club in football with no shirt sponsor, simply points to more ‘unusual’ ways of doing business at Elland Road, and raises the question: “Why has it happened?”