Your views: Divided opinion on McDermott’s reign at Leeds United

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Leeds United fans have their say on Brian McDermott’s time as Leeds United manager.

As I was about to head up the ‘wooden hill’ for some reason I looked at my phone and Twitter to be greeted by one of the worst kept secrets in football. Brian McDermott had left Leeds United FC by ‘ mutual consent’.

I say worst kept because the moment Massimo Cellino had the keys to the directors’ lounge it was plain to see that Mr McDermott was not to be given another season to attempt to get Leeds into the Premiership.

Cellino sees Leeds taking a different route with him in the driving seat. The broken Ferrari he bought needs more than a good body spray to get it roadworthy and he saw Brian as not the man to help him get it so. I liked Brian. With all the goings on behind the scenes he never hid behind them and his admiration of his position as Leeds manager instilled support of his tenure.

Whatever happened over Christmas and into January is open to question, whether something happened to split the dressing room is debatable but some of the performances shamed the famous shirt the players wore.

I’ll not mention them all but reverses in the FA Cup at Rochdale and the week after a 6-0 hammering at Wednesday were more than some fans could take. It simply wasn’t good enough and the manager’s tactics were open to question.

After that fateful Friday his support was strengthened as the fans thronged the East Stand in support to demand his reinstatement after his sacking and the players produced a performance for their absent manager.

Further shocking defeats followed and the fans, myself included, questioned why the manager wasn’t replaced as Leeds slid down the Championship.

I still hold Brian McDermott in high esteem because he remained focused on the job and he never failed to show the supporters the respect they deserved. Maybe he was the right man but at the wrong time I don’t know but respect in my world is earned and Brian McDermott earned mine and I know that a club will get a good, honest bloke who given better circumstances will make his next team benefit from his experience of his time at Elland Road.

Thank you Brian, a true gentleman. Good luck wherever you go.

Keith Ingham, via email.


This is something that half the Leeds United supporters wanted... but that all Leeds United supporters half expected.

Personally, I think that Brian McDermott should have been given a chance to start a new season that promises to be a far more stable one for the Elland Road club.

However, I think his departure owes more to Massimo Cellino’s vision of how a football club should be structured, more so than the poor results on the field last season. Although, I still think the players have an awful lot to answer for, considering some of the woeful performances they put in.

Personally, I have no idea whatsoever how good a football manager Brian McDermott is... I will not even try to form an opinion based on an extremely bizarre season for United.

I firmly believe though, that Brian can leave Elland Road with his head held high; he has endured a very strange, and extremely pressured time at Leeds... and has without exception... conducted himself with honour and dignity. I am sure he will have success elsewhere... and I wish him the very best of luck.

Coolhand, via


How can anyone say McDermott never had a chance? Wait until the wage bill is announced. He has spent more and paid his players higher wages than any manager for a decade, but results are the worst ever.

He played players out of position and his tactics were pathetic. He is a politician. He offers a nice smile and some smart comments but as a footballing man measured by results he is a total failure. Cellino will expect a coach with passion and motivational skills. McDermott possesses neither.

Brain, via


It wasn’t just GFH who let him down. Add the names of Hunt, Kebe and Stewart. He gave them a great opportunity and they took the money but didn’t show!

FloridaWhite, via


It is amazing how many Leeds fans forget what Brian McDermott brought to the club. An immediate stability, with a more acceptable manner that made Leeds United ‘respectable’ again.

On the pitch, he brought new faces, even though his first choices were almost always denied, through lack of funds. Even though he inherited one of the worst squads in the division, he made an exciting team, that managed to reach the sixth position by December.

Then the real chaos of what Leeds United has become started to take its toll...and suddenly, those persons who espouse to be true fans, dropped it on him like a ton of bricks, forgetting what ‘miracle’ he had already achieved.

Royal Bahamian, via


Brian was a nice man and manager, but seldom does a nice manager make a good one, you must have a nasty side in your make up and Brian in my mind lacked the ability to give anyone a rocket let alone give most of our players extra training, which they deserved.

I would die for a chance to wear the white shirt and would rather see 11 Leeds fans playing than the rubbish we’ve got now.

It’s a real tragedy how far we have fallen in recent years, but I’m hopeful for the future, I just hope Cellino picks the right coach, someone young with hunger and ability who will demand that future players will die for the shirt.

Mr Di Matteo please step forward...well he won the European Cup and got the sack...I’ll take that!

Moscow White, via


To those who say Brian McDermott was our worst manager – given the team he had to work with, never mind the unbearable conditions – Blackie, Wise, Gary McAllister and Warnock would all have taken us down last season.

Not to say all BMc’s decisions were right, they weren’t, but it could have been worse.

HX7, via


Never liked McDermott. Never wanted him, never rated him.

Glad to see the back of him but the saga goes on – will it ever end?

Grayling, via

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