Your Leeds United views: Whites problems partly due to Bartley’s dip in form

Kyle Bartley looking to go up the table. PIC: Tony Johnson
Kyle Bartley looking to go up the table. PIC: Tony Johnson
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The form of Kyle Bartley is among the hot topics being discussed by the Elland Road faithful.

downward spiral, via website

I think our problems are partially to do with a dip in form of Kyle Bartley.

That’s why suddenly Rob Green is busy every game. Of course our midfield isn’t playing as well, meaning the defence is stretched and Chris Wood is getting no service.

It’s a compliment to Leeds that teams are changing their style to play us, but we don’t seem to be able to change our style when we come up against these teams. I think Saturday will see goals for both teams, unfortunately I think Sheffield Wednesday will get more. How do we contain all those strikers for 90 minutes? Also, Fernando Forestieri will be diving all over the place so they’ll probably be a penalty or two.

Statetheobvious, via website

What’s with all the kit swapping?

Can’t we keep things simple and play in white at home and yellow away?

Some top managers believe religiously in keeping kit colours simple and basic as it has something to do with players peripheral vision when seeking out a team mate and getting used to consistency.

HG Leeds Fan, via website

Garry Monk said at the end of January that he would only need one or two players and they would need to be the right kind of player and they would need to fit in to the squad.

We don’t know what kind of player Garry was referring to, but I think Mo Barrow looks like someone that Garry was targeting. We can’t say that Monk didn’t get the support he wanted because he got two new players and maybe he couldn’t get the striker he might have been targeting for whatever reason. Remember he had to also be the right kind of player - not just any striker. I agree that we are seeing some of the team’s shortfalls at the moment because the other teams have figured out how we play and they set up against us to counterbalance our threat. What we need to see is whether we are still too strong for that or whether we can change it if things aren’t working.

Being honest, we are doing better than almost all of us expected, so we have to be pleased. We have a new co-owner who seems to have steadied the ship somewhat and all being well, we’ll be able to strengthen at the end of the season, regardless of what happens.

No matter which way that you look at it – at this time of year, you need to be collecting victories. Yes a point is better than none, but two draws is worse than a win and a defeat – from a points perspective at least. From a playing perspective avoiding defeat always keeps you motivated and confident, but come the end of the season it’s the points that matter. This difficult spell was always going to come at some stage, let’s hope it’s short and we can take the victory from Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday. That helps secure our position in the table.

Fans need to raise the roof

getbetter, via website

I think the problem with accepting Garry’s claims that “no team can keep producing performances like ours against Derby” is that we have four teams above us who are managing to do exactly that.

We are in the best league position at this time of year for quite a while and Garry is only trying to manage everybody’s expectations of a relatively young developing group.

At this early stage it does appear that Garry did not receive anything like the support he hoped for in the transfer window and we are restricted to using the same game plan for the remainder of the season.

Although this game plan served us very well up to January our opponents have now “worked us out” and are able to exploit our limitations whilst attempting to stifle our strengths.

Our opponents know that if they can silence our fans they are almost one goal up so it is crucial that we all stay right behind our team during this sticky patch.

Let’s raise the roof from the first whistle against Sheffield Wednesday!