Your Leeds United views: Whites can’t make any progress under Cellino

Massimo Cellino.
Massimo Cellino.
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Can Leeds United move forward with Massimo Cellino as owner? That is the question dominating debate among the Elland Road faithful.

MJC, Wortley

Leeds united are once again in the same predicament as they have been before in previous seasons with the present head coach Steve Evans not knowing where his future lies with the club. How can the club go forward when the present owner Massimo Cellino continues to show no true aspirations and direct intentions to lead the club forward?

He now says he would like to sell the club but who is going to buy the club with its only assets being the present players?

The club does not own their home ground and its out of town training facilities at Boston Spa, whoever wants to purchase the club would need a great deal of money to be able acquire the grounds and would need further capital to be able to buy better players in order to compete to the level for promotion.

At present with the unknown knowledge where the future lies I can see the likes of Lewis Cook, Charlie Taylor, Bailey Peacock-Farrell and other promising youngsters leaving for pastures new like the players before Sam Byram, Ross McCormack, Jonny Howson, Robert Snograss and others.

I am afraid to say that the present picture does not look promising and will never change until they have a leader that speaks directly and honestly to the supporters, the players and management of the club.

Patience has worn thin

Craig Milner, via email

Insanity; doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Look at Cellino’s time in football, a new manager every seven months! and that’s not a statistical spike that’s an average over 24 years, 43 managers! He isn’t going to change – okay perhaps a little, after fans surrounded his car after he initially sacked Brian McDermott. He now fades into the background and let’s contracts expire or makes others fire the gun.

This inability to lead strategically (and I’m setting aside major concerns such as mental stability and financial strength) convince me those who really care about our club, the fans, have to take action.

Real action that will hurt the club short term but let’s not be fooled, we have been sick for over ten years and Cellino is killing us, slowly and surely.

I, for one, will not visit Elland Road to buy a scarf, burger or ticket until he is gone. I respect our incredible fans (many who go more often, for longer, from further than I) and understand the debate about loyalty, getting behind the team but in my opinion it’s time we marched together but in a different direction, not blindly doing what we’ve done season after season.

Imagine the power of Elland Road empty, the signal this would send, to Cellino, the world, perversely no fans at Elland Road would show how together we are.

So when Cellino lets Evans fade away and replaces him with a nobody, a yes man, I will do something, I hope others do too.

Evans’ treatment is ‘disgraceful’

Phill Davison, via website

Only the really desperate or very stupid would take the managers job at Leeds these days. That rules out anyone half decent.

Apart from the Leeds supporters, Steve Evans is about the only thing we can take pride in regarding Leeds United today.

It’s obvious he feels honoured to be the Leeds manager. I feel sorry for Evans, he has at least some passion, fight and determination.

The way he is being treated is disgraceful.