Your Leeds United views: The search for a coach has turned into a circus

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani has come in for criticism and backing from our readers.
IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani has come in for criticism and backing from our readers.
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The search for a new Leeds United coach continues to dominate debate among the Elland Road faithful.

SelbyWhite, via website

When will this circus stop because yet again Leeds United football club are the laughing stock of all other clubs.

It is nearly three weeks since Garry Monk jumped ship and with the panto that has been going on since, I can believe why he left.

How many favourites do the bookies want to make before a new manager is installed?

I’m sorry but Andrea Radrizzani does not have a clue. At least with Massimo Cellino he did hire coaches although not quality, but this guy is no further forward to making an appointment.

The players come back for pre-season training soon. It’s a complete joke.

Radrizzani has no vision as to where he wants to take the club. Star players will leave. All quality players will be bought and we will be left with the dross. This should be a new era but it’s the same old. Come on Radrizzani pull your finger out before it’s too late.

The wait and see approach is best

Manchester White, via website

Mass hysteria is setting in already. Let’s at least wait until a Spanish nobody is appointed and then all start complaining.

The system put in place is a continental one so it looks very unlikely it would appeal to any decent British manager who probably won’t be prepared to work like that, ie Garry Monk! The delay isn’t ideal but let’s all chill and see what transpires. I don’t think many had heard of the guy at Fulham (Slaviša Jokanović) before he arrived but he did okay. It doesn’t matter who arrives, if no decent investment is made in players, but again let’s wait and see.

It’s all gone quiet on head coach

moorechris67, via website

it’s been three weeks since Garry Monk left Leeds United under a cloud. It took Andrea Radrizzani two weeks before announcing he was planning to have interviews. What was he doing during those first 14 days?

Perhaps he was already doing interviews or more than likely inquiring about the availability of managers and trying to find out if they were at least interested in coming to Leeds. But those ‘first choice’ managers probably had second thoughts after finding out about his five-year plan.

How much Radrizzani is prepared to invest for next season would be the first thing a candidate for manager would want to know, not necessarily what his long-term plan is.

Unless Radrizzani brings in the right manager and brings in five to six players to the squad, we will be middle of the table or below.

He must sort out the midfield area, bring in two goal-scoring playmaking midfielders and two deep-lying playmakers in the holding midfield area, specialising in ball control. We obviously need to replace Kyle Bartley. I’m hoping Pontus Jansson will stay but we need to add another centre-back to replace Liam Cooper and bring in another striker.

Owner has my full backing

Bros, via website

Whoever is the new manager, he will get my full support. He doesn’t have to be a big name either.

The owner has my full backing. If it means it’s going to take five years to get this great club back to were it belongs, so be it.

Let’s just get some stability over the next few years with a manager that wants to stay the course.

I was talking to a new neighbour over the weekend. He was telling me what a big Leeds fan he was and the owner needs to splash the cash on players/get a big name-manager in, put £30m in to begin with – otherwise it’s a waste of time.

I’ve got a feeling he will be a constant moaner if the owner doesn’t get it right immediately.

CockSparrow, via website

IT’s difficult to understand all the negative feeling towards former Leeds United head coach Garry Monk.

Basically he achieved our highest points tally and league position since getting promoted with the lowest wage bill. Can you really blame him for taking the opportunity to better himself? Andrea Radrizzani is 100 per cent to blame for his penny wise strategy in January. He took the risk of not locking Monk into a long-term deal which has quite clearly backfired. To put in perspective this has quite simply written off next season for us. It will probably take years to recover from this.

Was Monk really that good for us?

Truth Seeker, via website

I hear a lot of people saying how great we were under Garry Monk.

Now I know we had a great points tally, but I’m not convinced we were a great team.

I don’t get to that many games, but the few I saw left me very disappointed with our overall display – now I realise I may have just been unlucky with my choice.

But I’d really like to hear from fans as to which games they saw last season, where they came away thinking we were great and we are now going places?

How many of those games were there?

TOP MAN? Leeds United goalkeeper Bailey Peacock-Farrell. Picture: Nick Potts

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