Your Leeds United views: Premer League ‘small fry’ set a worrying precedent

Lewis Cook.
Lewis Cook.
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Massimo Cellino, Lewis Cook and Leeds United’s home form have been dominating debate among Leeds United fans.

bigears40, via website

It’s worrying to think that teams like Bournemouth and Stoke actually believe that they have a chance of taking one of our most talented players – Lewis Cook – away from Elland Road whereas before they knew they wouldn’t stand a chance in hell.

This must be the lowest point in its history that our great club has fallen to.

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Gray reflects fans’ thinking

billysam, via website

“There’s a problem at home and there’s been a problem for a long time, not just this season. The way I see it, too many of the players don’t have the courage to make mistakes at home. They don’t have the courage to really play”.

With these comments, Eddie Gray (YEP November 25) sums up a lot of our feelings on the type of player we have been bringing to Elland Road since we dropped down the divisions.

We have had some successes but some of the defenders we signed just do not cut it at Elland Road.

As for Massimo Cellino doing his own shopping prior to last season, I think that just sums up where we are.

It took Adam Pearson only a few months to figure out the disaster zone that is Elland Road before he got out.


Cellino needs to be less hands-on

ka01_2, via website

I think we are seeing now very clearly the problems with having the club (Leeds United) owned and run by a single hands-on owner.

That one man decides to sell up and the club becomes even more of a shambles. If there was a proper management board structure with a chairman and directors responsible for different functions in ensuring the club ran properly, at least if the owner then decided to sell things would carry on running.

If the people running the club are separate from the owner then they will operate on the basis that they may still be running the club when the new owner(s) come in.

Not a time to be hanging around

clarkeonenil, via website

Any decent young player at Elland Road would be mad to hang around if a decent Premier League club comes in for them.

Imagine playing the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United every week, on crazy money, compared with the permanent car crash that Leeds United FC has become under (owner/president) Massimo Cellino.