Your Leeds United views: Parachute payments make it far from a level playing field

Eunan O'Kane.
Eunan O'Kane.
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The Championship hasn’t been a level playing field since the Premier League started giving relegated clubs parachute payments for up to three years – and it never will be as long as it continues.

Whoever is relegated from the Premier League this season will have around £55m to spend NEXT season from their first parachute payment and, if they don’t get promoted straight back, another £45m the following season.

Leeds United's owner Andrea Radrizzani.

Leeds United's owner Andrea Radrizzani.

How can any club like Leeds United compete with that?

Mark Devonwhite, via website


The Wolves chairman is right – Andrea Radrizzani IS under pressure and he has no-one to blame but himself.

His recruitment both on and off the field has been a disaster.

I note he didn’t mention the other 11 clubs that are currently above us in his rant. He needs to change tack or sell up, end of.

Colin Mcgrath, via website


Was it all a dream or did we actually play some really good football at the start of the season?

I know you might say that the opposition over that period of the season were not that good, but we couldn’t replicate those performances now, second time around.

And we don’t look like doing so any time soon.

And that raises the very obvious question – why?

Shay Cunningham, via website


What makes our media owner – Andrea Radrizzani – the expert with regards to coaches?

Oh, that’s right. His right-hand man Victor Orta has told him our new head coach Paul Heckingbottom is great.

Well, any fan knows we are doomed and we are not getting out of this quicksand league. We need money spending, and new staff and players – but that’s not going to happen.

Ed Merkxy, via website


The Leeds United players have had the chance all season to prove that they have the courage.

It’s one thing being the orator Pontus Jansson, and it’s another to deliver what is needed, and it was not delivered – the courage, that is.

Another wasted season.

Billy Mitchell, via website


At the start of the season I said that Eunan O’Kane wasn’t anywhere good enough to play for a Leeds team with genuine title aspirations. Many disagreed.

This is evermore the case. Unless the management of this club involves someone who is able to differentiate good from bad, we will remain in the Championship for years to come.

Peter Duval, via website


Andrea Radrizzani is only seeing and saying what we have all alluded to. We need to know what the rules are so we can act honestly with them. Radrizzani must have a huge contacts list and he could pull strings.

His honesty is inspiring. If anyone was worried that he doesn’t care about performance and the state of the team, they should think again. Radrizzani is obviously a strong person who acts with integrity, but he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Now isn’t that great!

David Lockwood, via website


Leadership, communication, motivation skills are the qualities new coach Paul Heckingbottom has, according to our owner, Andrea Radrizzani.

So why is the team doing so badly?

It just doesn’t add up.

Maccon Gordon, via website