Your Leeds United views: No real surprises in latest episode in Whites saga

PIC: Bruce Rollinson
PIC: Bruce Rollinson
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Off field issues continue to dominate debate among the Leeds United faithful

This latest episode in the Massimo Cellino (the will he, won’t he sell up to supporters) saga does not surprise me in the slightest.

It doesnt mean he isn’t selling though. We must continue to push Cellino out.

My fear all along with this was that LFU would not have the money to succeed.

As someone quite rightly pointed out to me on Monday, if Bayern and Barca can do it then why can’t we?

Of course that’s possible, but one slight oversight in maintaining funding is both those clubs have 50k+ attendances week after week and champions league success thrown in.

Barca won four major titles in the time it took us to get a home win!

We achieved an attendance of 17k last night, ok yes a wet cold Tuesday night – still a similar figure was pulled by Bradford City.

We are not the same size as clubs successfully owned by fans and would never succeed, in my opinion, for the above reasons.

It’s one thing getting the funds invested to buy the club, but to then bring in new players and fund the servicing of the debts, buy back Elland Road and Thorp Arch with no financial return for its investors is another.

Cellino will sell to whoever suits him better and as others have rightly pointed out, he has now obtained free advertising and focus by Sky Sports to bring in other perspective buyers.

I just hope he was honest and will be true to his word when he said he wasn’t going to watch any more matches, as based on the fans’ views, it’s time for him to go – let’s hope so – soon.



Six degrees of non-separation

DrD, via yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk

CALM down (all Leeds United fans). He (Massimo Cellino) was never going to sell. Leeds fans are on the agenda and Cellino needs to act quickly: 1) Appoint a Pearson-type as CEO and stay behind the scenes;

2) Buy Elland Road;

3) Give the current manager until the year end;

4) Buy some Premier League players that are not total seat warming rejects;

5) Sell some decent percentage of shares to Leeds fans and reduce GFH in the process;

6) Get us to the play offs and promotion.

Then he can stop sulking as we will all forgive him and love him.