Your Leeds United views: It’s a case of late, late deals again

Billy Sharp.
Billy Sharp.
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Signings, lack of goals and the future of Billy Sharp have been dominating conversation between Leeds fans.

Terminator, via

Looks like Leeds United are dragging their feet again in getting deals done, third week of pre-season next week and only Chris Wood of any note being signed.

So much for getting the deals done early for a change. In fact, the deals seem to be collapsing by the day: Moore, Bjarnason, Sidwell, Turnbull, and if we are baulking at paying a million on Murphy then god help us....

Transfer policy, or lack of it, seems to be done on a whim as and when players become available, instead of targeting players and getting the deals done.

It seems we end up having to go to plan B, C or D. I thought we had everyone in place to move forward with recruitment and coaching staff now in place?

It seems there’s no change, and yet again new players will be playing catch up, missing out on a full pre-season.

I hope to be proved wrong in the coming days!

System change was problem

ka01_2, via

The lack of goals from Leeds United last season was not completely down to the performance of the strikers or the midfield.

A lot of the time, as others have suggested, it was down to the system played.

During the successful run after the turn of the year Neil Refearn and Steve Thompson played a system which got results.

It didn’t create many chances for our strikers and didn’t allow the opposition to create many clear-cut chances against us.

Once we were safe from relegation Redfearn tried changing to be a bit more offensive and creative, then the problems started.

Whether that was due to the off-field problems or just that Redfearn couldn’t get the system right is debateable.

With players like Wood, Erwin, Antenucci, Ajose, Doukara and possibly Sharp you have strikers who will find spaces behind defences if they are allowed to do so.

In players like Murphy, Mowatt, Cook, Byram and Taylor you have players who will find those strikers if they are allowed to do so and those strikers are allowed to get in those positions.

If players are playing to different orders then we might see different players.

With a bit more freedom some players who struggled last season may flourish under different leadership this time around.

Lack of supply for front men

BigIan67, via

I have said this before and say it again, Billy Sharp, along with other strikers at Leeds, will not achieve high goal tallies until we can get decent balls into them.

We are still screaming out for the players who can make that killer pass to the strikers, especially Sharp who is more of a poacher.

Last season look back at how many free-kicks just outside the area were squandered by the taker not getting the ball past the first defender, if we can’t do it from a free-kick we seriously are struggling in open play.

Yes, we are now heavy on strikers and Sharp may go but we need the decent balls to let the strikers who are with us next season have a chance to create goal-scoring opportunities.

Otherwise they will – I am afraid to say – all have low tallies again this time next year. MOT!