Your Leeds United views: Improved contracts won’t deter the wealthier clubs

Charlie Taylor in match action.
Charlie Taylor in match action.
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Player contracts as well as instant success versus time have been dominating debate among the Leeds United faithful.

Old grumpy, via website

I THINK the reason Lewis Cook and Charlie Taylor haven’t been offered new contracts is the same as it was for Sam Byram.

The contracts would have to be significantly higher than what they earn now. If the club fails to tie down the pair with a new deal their value decreases.

Logically, both have to be offered new contracts in the summer so, if they refuse, the club can achieve maximum return on their current value.

My feeling is whether the players like it or not –like Byram – they’ve simply outgrown Leeds, and economics on both sides dictate they both might move in the summer.

If Massimo Cellino manages to re-sign the players it will increase their value, but won’t guarantee them staying when the wealthier clubs come knocking.

Concern over ‘foreign route’

The None Smoker, via website

IT’S A bit concerning if Massimo Cellino is going down the route again of foreign coach and head of recruitment.

My guess is he’s seen how well the Premier League clubs are doing with foreign managers/coaches, especially Leciester, and thinks that’s the route to go.

Instant success versus time

ChrisTheMightyWhites, via website

MASSIMO CELLINO wants instant success and gets impatient when it doesn’t arrive, throws his toys out of the pram, blames the head coach and sacks him. It’s pathetic and petulant.

It takes time to assemble a squad capable of challenging at the top end of the table and there’s no question the squad is better now than when it was when Steve Evans took over.

There’s no doubt in my mind that he should be given another season and some backing over the summer. Our squad is not promotion material but a couple of shrewd signings and we could be close.

Changing the coach again would set us back to square one. Stability is what we need now and Steve has done well enough this season to justify continuing in his role.

Hoping to be proved wrong

Lord Wolfgang Whallop, via website

I HOPE I’m proved wrong, I really do, but with Gaetano Berardi out I dread to think what team selection Steve Evans will go for next.

He never seems to learn from his previous tactical mistakes. We have enough players in our squad to ensure everyone is playing in their correct positions.

No more Lewie Coyle on the right wing, no more Lewis Cook on the left wing.

We have three good wingers, for goodness sake!