Your Leeds United views: Give the players time to impress

GIVE ME A CHANCE: Leeds United's new head coach Steve Evans on the training ground. PIC: Varley Picture Agency
GIVE ME A CHANCE: Leeds United's new head coach Steve Evans on the training ground. PIC: Varley Picture Agency
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The appointment of Steve Evans has dominated debate among Leeds United fans this week.

The Nonesmoker, via YEP website

The first job (for Steve Evans) is to improve results by working with the players already in the squad.

We and the players don’t need yet another distraction about players coming in and more question marks about existing members of the squad.

Give everybody in the squad a clean slate and judge them and their ability by Christmas and then go into the transfer market if not satisfied.

Don’t start with this 2 or 3 players nonesense already.


Cellino had to act quickly

alienburt, via YEP website

I can see why Cellino did what he did. If he got banned then he couldn’t remove Rosler. He had to do the act and bring someone in quick before the 28th October.

I thought that (Steve) Evans came across welll at the conference and I have a feeling that he may be good for the team – certainly in the interim.

I am quite optimistic at the moment – new coach, greater motivation, new tactics PLUS no chairman for a long while.

Prove me wrong Steve

Avantgardener, via YEP website

Like others, I’ve had a lot to say and been very critical of Rosler and his methods.

Like almost everyone else, I was gobsmacked to hear his successor was Steve Evans.

However, three days in, I honestly have to say that I have a gut feeling (quite appropriate in itself) that this could change things for the better – especially with the young players.

Rosler lost Byram and Mowatt, killed off Phillips and consigned Dawson to oblivion. And he didn’t even give Erwin a chance. Even Bamba lost form. It must have felt stifling to be under Rosler’s control. That’s all over.

Admit it, we’d all love Steve Evans to prove everyone wrong!

Common sense

ka01_2, via YEP website

Glad that the maximum number of away tickets will again be available for Leeds fans. Something was achieved (could have been done better) in that it has put the issue in the public domain. Just because the club and its fans have reached agreement the issue must not be allowed to go quiet.

The FL should still show the club the courtesy of replying to its concerns. As I said earlier, the FL should not be allowed to ignore this.