Your Leeds United views: Fans’ optimism and belief in Whites has been flattened

Charlie Taylor. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
Charlie Taylor. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
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Has Massimo Cellino managed to flattened optimism and belief among the Leeds United faithful? Fans have their say.

getbetter, via website

Another season of (Leeds United owner) Massimo Cellino playing hard ball in respect of our reportedly top targets throughout the transfer window whilst selling our top assets at the earliest opportunity.

A top young manager recruited together with his proven assistant and our latest CEO confirms that we are unlikely to sell 15,000 season tickets despite a potential 50 per cent refund.

It just goes to show how Cellino has flattened all optimism and belief at our club.

Even more sickening is our latest CEO stating that our protests against Cellino have gone too far!

Not far enough actually, because he is still here!

He also joins the “Cellino is misunderstood” brigade by saying that Cellino is very, very keen to gain promotion to the Premier League.

But this is yet another example of Cellino’s words not matching his actions (or inactivity).

Rant over, wish Groundhog Day would find another home and leave our football club alone!

I suppose the other big question is: Will Charlie Taylor leave before Garry Monk is sacked?

Why people buy football clubs...

whiteblob, via website

anybody who thinks Massimo Cellino bought Leeds United to rip it off is an idiot.

There is no profit even running a Premier League football club let alone a Championship one.

The three reasons for owning a football club are as follows:

1) as PR strategy like the Abu Dhabi United Group at Manchester City;

2) as investment like the Glaziers at Manchester 

3) as a vanity project like Roman Abramovich at Chelsea.

Pick which one you think Cellino bought it for.

Sell-offs equal asset stripping

realalemadras, via website

Selling your best players season after season is asset stripping.

In two-and-a-half years (Leeds United owner) Massimo Cellino has sold players valuing over £20million.

He also said he would buy back Elland Road.

Asset stripping without a long-term plan; we all know he won’t stand for the flak when it quickly comes apparent next season will be a failure!

If Leeds United was a brewery, they couldn’t organise a ‘party’ in it...

pigpen, via website

AM I envious? Am I jealous? Too right I am.

An Aston Villa takeover in ‘10 minutes’, Wolves takeover in ‘fve minutes’.

Leeds United: A transfer for a guy (Liam Bridcutt) who was here, apparently wants to be here and is definitely surplus to requirements at his current club ...

How long does it take?

P*** up in brewery springs to mind.

Southern White 75, via website

I don’t agree with those that say (Leeds United owner) Massimo Cellino is only here to asset strip and is not interested in promotion:

1) There is hardly anything worth asset stripping at our club;

2. Why would he not want to get promoted? Even if we only stayed up for one season and finished bottom, that’s £100m plus three years of parachute payments and a club worth more than it is today for him to sell.

It’s clear to me he does not have the cash and we will always be operating on a tiny budget, until he gets fed up and sells up.