Your Leeds United views: Expect Cook and Taylor to move on this summer

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The future of Lewis Cook and Charlie Taylor and the appointment of Garry Monk has been dominating debate among the Elland Road faithful.

CockSparrow, via website

If (Leeds United owner) Massimo Cellino ever had any intention of retaining Lewis Cook and Charlie Taylor long term, then he would have done so by now; simple as that.

He had the chance last summer with Cook but simply wasn’t prepared to pay the amount required to lock him into a long-term contract and offered only a piddly extension.

His further handling of Sam Byram only confirms this, in my view.

This is the reality:

No bids have been made for Cook or Taylor. Who cares?

They are being touted as we speak. It’s time to get your heads out of the clouds some of you.

There’s no point being ‘positive’, ‘hoping’ and ‘waiting’ only to start moaning louder when they finally do go and regret that cheap and nasty season ticket you purchased.

The time for action is now. Just imagine, a Leeds United without Massimo Cellino ... no more pantomines.

The only people laughing will be us as we assume our rightful position as the third-biggest club in England, one of the largest football brands in Europe.

Chill out, enjoy the summer

nelsonrn, via website

After another depressing (Leeds United) rollercoaster I was looking forward to a great summer.

Hate cricket, hate tennis, so a total sport switch-off apart from the Euros.

What do we get, though – the same doom and gloom merchants when nothing is happening.

Chill out guys, enjoy the rays, have a few bevvies, go on holiday.

Who knows, this could be the season we have been waiting for.

Garry could ‘get monk on’ quickly

Tykeabroad, Leeds

I could be wrong – it wouldn’t be the first time – but I really cannot see (new Leeds United head coach Garry) Monk putting up with things if they aren’t going his way.

Any interference from above, and a lack of support with staff and players, and I reckon he’ll be off sooner than later.

A pre-season to be cheerful

Billingborough White, via website

I don’t want to see Charlie Taylor leave Leeds United as he was consistent last season.

But I think we should all get behind the club and cheer up regardless of who the chairman is.

Time for club to quash rumours

Normansstuds, via website

The club (Leeds United) should be issuing a statement saying that Charlie Taylor is not for sale and quash the rumours.

Tie him and Lewis Cook down to longer/better contracts and build.

Any other club with ambition in this league would do, but no not Leeds.

I can’t remember ever feeling so uninspired by events prior to a season starting ... oh yeah, last season ... and the season before!

Let’s hope Monk can talk youngsters into longer-term contracts

andydeestb, via website

We’ve got to hope the appointment of Garry Monk, and his upcoming conversations with the youngsters, are enough to keep them bound to the club.

They have such an important role to play in the developement of the team!

Off-load the let-downs sharpish, bring in some proven experienced players who can help even further improve these good young pro’s we have. If done, we have an opportunity to build a good team for next season.

Woodylmfao, via website

Why don’t all you disgruntled Leeds United fans give yourselves a day off while it’s sunny instead of looking out for the worst-case scenario to happen.

We can’t do much transfer-wise yet until July when the transfer window opens.

So there is no point in arguing about the club not having ambition for next season yet.

I can’t wait for next season myself, but it’s best we wait and keep positive.

Until then