Your Leeds United views: Do youngsters need a guiding hand in midfield?

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Does the Leeds United midfield need an experienced hand to guide the young guns? Fans have their say.

getreal whites, via

It’s so interesting how many have forgotten what they were saying a few months ago (with regard to Leeds United’s team selections).

‘We should play the youngsters, Cook, Mowatt, Byram’ etc.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t. However, they are not living up to what some said!

I have said for ages now that we need some experience in midfield, someone who all the others respect, and if he says jump, they ask how high!

Some of the young ones are just too weak and opposing midfielders know this.

It reminds me of Eddie Gray’s Leeds team, fancy midfielders but a soft touch when they have to mix it.

Changing manager will be a backward step; we have tried this for years now and it has got us nowhere.

We just need older heads in there. The only thing is, we don’t have Roman Abromovich as an owner.

So, I’d be interested to hear comments please from those who were having a go at our managers for not playing our youngsters .


Will Rosler get time he needs?

ka01_2, Leeds

Uwe Rosler had some success at Wigan but that record was still bad enough to get him the sack.

You can argue all you like about whether the appointment to Leeds United was right in the first place but IF he was to get sacked now wouldn’t it be fair to say that many clubs would have sacked a head coach with that record?

Anyway, he hasn’t gone yet and the signs are that he will be given longer (one more game anyway!). I hope he can turn things around and make a success of it, not because I particularly support Rosler, but I want somebody to do it and he is the current incumbent.

Whoever was to come in to replace him would have to start again and that would delay progress – again.

Every time a head coach is changed it delays things, so it will be better if the current one succeeds.

But, these days, a 10-game poor run seems to be acceptable as long enough to decide.

For the sake of Leeds United AFC, I hope Uwe Rosler is given a bit longer and can find the right formula to get the best out of a decent squad.