Your Leeds United views: Cellino should leave his coaches to get on with it

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Phil Hay’s interview with Massimo Cellino has sparked a flurry of online debate.

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Massimo Cellino.

Massimo Cellino.

The BEST way to help Uwe Massimo is to leave him and his coaches to it.

He has his assistants, Paul Hart and Martin Glover to help on the playing side. You can talk to him about players coming and going but otherwise you need to be concentrating on the club admin and finances.

You should only get involved if things are going seriously wrong. Two wins, five draws and two defeats isn’t great but not a disaster either, so leave the head coach and his staff to get on with it.

They might feel more relaxed if you aren’t hovering over them. Just give them what they ask for, within reason!


Promises must be delivered

DrD, via

Promotion within two years of buying the club, buying back Elland Road ASAP and keeping our best (young players).

Deliver on that Mr Cellino and you will be loved. Nothing else matters. We are as good as any in the Championship, but need wins now and for the run to start now. Sam Byram sign and play Premier League football with Leeds on 50k/week in 2-3? years. More later. Believe and it will happen.

Chief must keep things private

White Rainbow, via

Why do you always make your views public Mr Cellino? All it does is invite criticism – please keep your thoughts private, like you were doing when Adam Pearson was around – the club seemed very much calmer, and we all spoke about football.

Bellusci’s not a second tier man

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For me Guiseppe Bellusci isn’t suited as a centre back to second tier English football where time is limited and crosses are the main tactic. Neither is Marco Silvestri for that matter – a good shot stopper he is, but crosses are a mare for him.

If I were an opposing manager I would love to see their names on the teamsheet. I would tell my side to swing the ball in from anywhere.

But I will judge Massimo Cellino and Uwe Rosler on one thing – results and I’ve got to say things are not looking good. If we fail to challenge for a top six spot in the Championship my current opinion of them will be permanent.