Your Leeds United views: Byram’s just not been the same player this season

Sam Byram. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
Sam Byram. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
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Voiceofreality, via

Sam Byram has not been the same player since Premier League teams started sniffing around him, you would think that it would have had the opposite affect of him playing out of his socks to get more offers and hence more choice.

In reality I think Massimo Cellino’s comments that we can get someone better is not far off the mark....Sam obviously does not have his heart with Leeds when he hits that pitch, anyone who says otherwise is deluded.

He was a big player in an under performing team last season (start) let’s be honest the players around him are putting him more and more in the shade (it is quite obvious he thrives on being the diamond in an average haystack but not the case this season).

Cue the thumbs down but if we get offered anywhere near the £8m, bite their hands off as he hasn’t been worth much this season so far.

One thing I will say is that the whole summary of my thoughts actually relies on Cellino proving he can get two or three game-changing players with the money! Is that the flaw in my plan?


Cellino’s the right man for Leeds

tykemaster, via

Massimo CELLINO is a passionate man and a headstrong business man. I think some of the things he says get lost in translation.

I believe a vital difference between Cellino and previous owners is that when he has sold a player he has replaced that player with like for like, or better.

For example, he released Stephen Warnock (high earner) replaced with Charlie Taylor (superior in every way). Sold Ross McCormack, replaced with Chris Wood. Released Rudi Austin (who played a blinder every fifth game) replaced with Tom Adeyemi. Jordan Botaka and Will Buckley for £2m are a superb swap for Sam Byram (£3-4m).

Are we better off with or without Massimo? 100 per cent with, in my opinion.

Agents are the real problem

Ms09, via

while I think Massimo Cellino’s comments about Sam Byram this week are out of order, agents really are the worst thing about professional football at the moment, they only create a bad atmosphere that makes everything about money.

In the middle of all this I feel sorry for Byram. If he wants to move on I think he has now earned the right to, he is a good player and Leeds United have been woeful again this season.

I hope he does well in the future, wherever he decides to go.