Your Leeds United views: Bellusci and why do our fixtures get switched so often?

Giuseppe Bellusci.  PIC: Bruce Rollinson
Giuseppe Bellusci. PIC: Bruce Rollinson
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Why do our fixtures get switched so often? and the return of Giuseppe Bellusci are two issues dominating debate among the Elland Road faithful.

K10, via website

Why has the Sky Bet Championship game at Fulham been switched from Bank Holiday Monday next year to a Tuesday evening?

Surely London police can deal with LUFC fans at “normal” times.

Just as many will go on Tuesday evening as the Monday but it will be in the dark and they will get mingled in with the night clubbers etc.

From a drinking point of view, I am sure LUFC fans will drink just as much on their way to the game as they would on the Monday.

Is there any proof it is safer to play the game on the Tuesday evening than the Monday or are they just making things as awkward as possible for the fans?

Likewise, why is the Fulham game at Elland Road always a midweek game every season? Why are fans of both clubs forced to travel long distance midweek every season?

Has there been any serious trouble at these games on a regular basis?

If it happened occasionally then fair enough but it seems to be set for every season that these games are midweek.

There are other fixtures that the same applies to.

Is the reason just that is easier for the people doing the fixtures whose job has been dumbed down to make it as easy as possible for them?

It has become so predictable when certain fixtures will be played.

It all comes down to money

chareose, via website

Leeds UNITED seem to be struggling to get deals over the line at the moment and it all comes down to money at the end of the day.

Money talks.

As each day goes by it suggests that we only have a very limited amount of cash left to spend but we need at least three first-teamers and a back-up striker to really improve next season.

In real terms it’s fair enough when you consider the deals for Pontus Jansson and Hadi Sakho already done.

But in reality it means we have no realistic chance of automatic promotion this season.

Making the play-offs would be a stroke of luck because, if you look at the competition this season, there’s about six clubs still on parachute payments following relegations from the Premier League.

I’m sorry this isn’t fashionable to say, but if you look at the current squad at Elland Road the most likely outcome will be that we’ll finish outside the play-offs this season.

The other problem you have is that by August it will be clear to Chris Wood and Jansson that the club are struggling to progress and they might start to get impatient and unsettled. I hope all this changes fast, I really do.

Let’s be sensible about Bellusci

Bornawhite, via website

As unpalatable as Giuseppe Bellusci remaining with Leeds United may appear, it does not make any sense to just terminate his contract, or seek mutual termination.

Whilst he may have no future at the club, we should seek to get what we can for him.

If that means putting him in the shop window during friendlies then so be it.

He will also want to impress to prove his fitness in the hope of attracting a new club. It stands to reason that the Italian clubs interested in him will be aware of his situation at Leeds and may believe they can secure a better deal for him by letting the situation draw out.

Personally, I would have no problem with him staying if he can replicate the performances of the first dozen games after his arrival.

Whilst he may currently be much maligned that will all change if he starts to play for the shirt and team.

Perhaps unlikely, but worth a risk in the absence of any genuine interest, which means we don’t off load him whilst still paying the majority of his wage.

Devonwhite, via website

Personally I have no idea how Leeds United’s signings so far (or those to come) will fare next season in the Sky Bet Championship but I will keep an open mind – as I always do – and not knock them unless/until their personal performances warrant it.

Whether they are a player I have heard of before, or not as the case may be, does not affect that attitude – as with everyone else.

I had not heard of Pontus Jansson before he joined Leeds (many people said it was a rubbish loan signing) but he turned out okay (did he not?). What I will say is that buying “cheap” does not mean they will be rubbish, just as paying many millions will not guarantee they will be a success at Leeds (in both cases irrespective of any reputation they bring from previous clubs).

The game is littered with examples of inexpensive players proving to be “masterstroke signings” and expensive players simply not living up to the price tag and hype at their new club.

New season, new coach, new players – same brilliant supporters!