Your Leeds United views: A degree of stability is of paramount importance

Gaetano Berardi is chased by Fulham's Lasse Vigen Christensen.
Gaetano Berardi is chased by Fulham's Lasse Vigen Christensen.
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Stability, the right back position and the future of Steve Evans have been dominating debate among the Elland Road faithful.

Timewilltell, via website

The word that keeps cropping up (at Leeds United) is stability.

The importance of having some degree of stability, or at least percieved consistency, is paramount, especially during the ‘business period’ leading up to a new season.

To that end, I cannot understand why, with no impressive new managerial appointment in place, Steve Evans has not been granted another year’s contract.

What’s the worst that could happen? He loses the first six matches of next season and gets sacked ... same as the last two seasons.

We all put our hands up and accept that he wasn’t the man to lead us to promotion.

But at least we see a period of direction and an attempt to build on the back of what was learned last season.

Surely, it could only assist in keeping the services of our young stars at a time when we are most vulnerable to seeing them picked off by the Premier League ‘big guns’.

Every moment wasted in this apparent state of ‘incompetence’ and uncertainty compromises so many aspects of the clubs’ well-being, prospects and general good-business practice.

I’m amazed that Steve Parkin and 32Red are pledging their support to an apparent shambles.

Their deals would, no doubt, be substancially heftier if we looked like we were a solid unit.

Early-season ticket sales were reported to be extremely healthy following the refund offer.

I wonder, with two weeks to go, how many sales are we losing without any postive news or progress on show?

If we are to offer new contracts to key players, every day that passes must add to their wage demands, especially whilst their sense of loyalty is unmatched and unappreciated.

So why not keep Steve Evans on, at least until he (Massimo Cellino) has someone of merit to replace him.

Candidates avoid merry-go-round

audiwhite, via website

Isn’t it funny how all the fans and Noel (Whelan in his YEP column) recognise that we (Leeds United) should be planning for the new season.

Question: If you are a really good manager/player, in our current state would you consider joining the merry-go-round?

The longer this saga continues the worse things get.

Still in need of a better right-back

True Supporter, via website

I’m glad Gaetano Berardi is on the mend but I hope we have a better right-back next season.

In my opinion, he is no more than decent and he should be shown the way to cross the halfway line a bit more, head better and mark tighter.

No surprise that Evans is working

HG Leeds Fan, via website

Why is anyone surprised that (Leeds United head coach) Steve Evans is still working? He is contracted until the end of June.

There is some good learning to be had by watching Championship and League One play-offs.

There will be players who will be available who have been in and around the top of these two leagues.

This is good experience for getting to and through the play-offs.

It makes perfect sense to observe what is happening and learn.

Good for you Steve!