'Yorkshireman' Luke Ayling reflects on life up north after nearly four years with Leeds United

NEARLY four years at Leeds United have proved infectious for southerner Luke Ayling who now regards Yorkshire as his natural home.

Monday, 13th April 2020, 11:50 am

Lambeth-born Ayling started out as a youth player at Arsenal who sent the defender out on loan to Yeovil Town in March 2010.

A permanent switch to the Glovers followed three months later before Ayling then joined Bristol City in July 2014.

But after playing his football solely in the south of the country, Ayling then relocated to Yorkshire following the switch to Leeds in the summer of 2016 and nearly four years on the defender sees God’s Country as home.

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LOVING LIFE: Leeds United right back Luke Ayling. Photo by George Wood/Getty Images.

“I love it,” said Ayling, reflecting on life up north to to Sky Sports as part of an 'At home with Leeds United' feature.

“Playing at Arsenal there are people coming in from all different kinds of places. But I love it up here. I love spending time here, my little girl was born here and I am a northerner now.

“Maybe I have got to work on that accent a little bit but my family live down south but I very rarely go down. They always come up. I just enjoy being up here, it’s a nicer way of living and a slower way of living.

“I live in a nice little village where everyone says morning to you and everybody looks out for you so it’s nice. You don’t get down south - head down, scrolling through your iPhone and just walking into you. It’s not the way to live!”

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