Wolves v Leeds United: Jesse Marsch press conference every word on team news, fans, Archie Gray

Leeds United head coach Jesse Marsch is facing the media this morning ahead of Friday night's Premier League clash at Wolves, and you can follow everything that is said here.

By Lee Sobot
Thursday, 17th March 2022, 2:15 pm

The Whites will be looking to build on Sunday's epic 2-1 victory at home to Norwich City in which Joe Gelhardt struck a 94th-minute winner, just three minutes after Kenny McLean's strike had cancelled out Rodrigo's opener.

The triumph ended a run of six-straight defeats and put 16th-placed Leeds four points clear of the drop zone but with second-bottom Burnley who are five points adrift having two games in hand.

Wolves, meanwhile, will be seeking to land a third win on the bounce on Friday evening having followed last Thursday's 4-0 victory at home to Watford with Sunday's 1-0 success at Everton.

FACING THE PRESS: Whites boss Jesse Marsch, above, is holding his pre-Wolves press conference today. Photo by George Wood/Getty Images.

Bruno Lage's side have now won seven of their last 11 league games.

Marsch will be speaking to the media at 10am and everything that is said by the Whites boss will follow here at our live blog.

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Wolves v Leeds United: Jesse Marsch press conference every word

Last updated: Thursday, 17 March, 2022, 13:33

  • Jesse Marsch facing the media at 10am
  • Leeds face Wolves on Friday at 8pm at Molineux

And Archie Gray - how good is he and are there are few others that have surprised you?

“If you are talking about the 23s game I thought I lot of those guys played really well. I thought Sam Greenwood was really good, I thought Crysencio Summerville played really well, Jenkins I thought was really good in the midfield, the two centre backs - Nohan and Charlie were both very good and also Kristof in goal played amazing. I thought it was a really good performance and then when Archie comes off the bench, I know there is a massive anticipation for Archie to be a big talented player and I think that he is intelligent, he can read the game really well, he can run all day, he is good on the ball, he has got a lot of really good qualities to be a strong player in the middle of the field and I think it is always key for us here even speaking in the media - Archie has an incredible bloodline, he is a big talent here, a homegrown talent but we also have to support him and believe in him but also be patient with him and not put too much on his shoulders at a young age. But from getting to know him as a personality I think he is just excited to be on the pitch every day. He loves football, he loves training, he has I think a lot of really strong qualities as a person that will help him develop rather quickly.”

What went through your head when Gelhardt scored at the end v Norwich and how long does it take to come down from a moment like that?

“There is immediate jubilation because the moment is tense. I knew at the moment regardless my focus was what to do. As soon as we gave up the goal I quickly tried to adjust and say okay, how can we affect the game now, is there a formation change? We had one more sub, we put Joffy in. And then as soon as we scored the goal there is a moment of jubilation but then there was a quick adjustment to now assessing a game, what do we have, what are our options, how do we adjust the formation so that we can protect ourselves ad protect the lead. I have got better at that with more experience. As a younger manager in a moment like that I would just be celebrating and only thinking about holding on for the lead and as you are more experienced you think ‘okay, what are the options and how do you use everything at your disposal to make sure that we can manage the game.”

How long does it take to come down after a moment like Sunday’s against Norwich?

“Shortly after the game I am okay. I walked around the stadium and I went up and saw Victor and Angus and everybody is so happy. They have been through a lot and I wanted to make sure that I was part of that experience too so that they can enjoy it. My family were here for the first time, I think my wife went through hell! It’s almost like a support role that I want everybody to feel good about what we are doing and clearly in that moment that is not a huge job to do. But my focus is so much on just trying to control what we can control, to focus on the things that matter, to concentrate on exactly who we are and how to get better and if we can do that then I believe we have the quality as people here and as players to manage the situation effectively.”

On the transition between the Villa defeat and the Norwich win - what has that told you about the group?

“That was mostly what we talked about and about how to create a match plan that was clear and simple. And, again, I said this after the game against Norwich that I have to learn here too. I have to learn about our team and our players, I have to learn about what it is like to play in our stadium, I have to learn about everything so this is a crash course for me as well so that’s what I do - I evaluate myself and what I think I need to do and what is important for me to do the job effectively and then try to evaluate then how I can impact the group and the team and each individual player. I would say Friday, I know those days as a manager, I sometimes love those days in a difficult situation after a bad performance because I have to come up with solutions quickly, I have to be strong in that moment and show that I am clear and that I can help everyone and that I am not afraid and that I am ready for the next moment and how to help the team do the same thing. We had a lot of different small little conversations, some wit the full team, some with the leadership council, some with individuals and the goal was to make sure that we come out of it better and clearer and stronger for the next performance and we did that.”

Team news from Jesse Marsch...

How do you translate the magic of Elland Road to away games like this one against Wolves?

“First of all, at Leicester, I thought we had a really good support in the stadium which was fantastic to see and feel. I think we will have that again at Wolves. It’s important to understand what games and what match plans need to look like when we are at home and what they need to look like when we are not. Certainly I think being aggressive at home rewards the fans and the energy and the mood in the stadium and then understanding how to manage the moments on the road where 90-minutes full aggression can not always be the best plan. We will address that a little but for how we deal with Wolves this weekend but in the end we always want to be aggressive and we always want to go after the game in a big way and we will.”

On the backroom team - what are the divisions of responsibilities?

“Frankie is helping a lot with the set pieces right now and then also with training because he understands the football philosophy very clearly and we have worked very closely together so he has been very, very, very important in terms of implementing the plan every day. Cameron has been very good organisationally and helping us understand the league and the different nuances of planning and organising and all that. Jacko has ben very helpful in terms of understanding what our club is about, what the young players are about, how we can organise training with young players with every so that has been massive and then the two video guys have been very important to work with me very closely with me in pre-match analysis, post-match analysis. I like to a lot of the video, it’s one of the things that even when we have had really good video analysis over the years, it is something that I invest a lot of time in, both individually with the team and as a whole. I have been watching a lot of video, some days I feel like my job is a video analyst! But it’s important, it’s the best teaching tool and it’s very important when it comes to preparation for opponents.”

Have any players surprised you

“All of the more experienced players have really impressed me with their ability to throw themselves at this entirely, to believe in it, to give everything that they have, to be selfless, to give opinions, to push the group from the inside. That has helped me immensely and then I think in general everybody has had a really open mind to trying to learn a new kind of football and to understanding that the details are really important and that step by step we need to continue to focus more and more on transitioning into what we want to become . So it’s up to me to continue to encourage that and reward it and provide room for them to get to give their personality and five of themselves but I am really, really thankful for the player pool and that’s across the board. It’s hard to really single out one guy because really the entire group is as selfless and as humble and as hardworking as any group I have ever seen so I really feel fortunate to be here.”

What have you seen in training after the Norwich win?

“The most important thing is that we have tried to just stay pretty level about it. I think we know that it was a big moment and we are positive about the experience. The video I showed still showed a lot of the things that we can do better and then the moments when we did do them better and so focusing still on the details of the tactics and the behaviours on the pitch is what will help us have more good moments. I think that will gain a big confidence boost and I have seen that bit around training every day and on the pitch and in the training centre here I haven’t seen a lot of anxiety. That’s why maybe Aston Villa surprised me a little bit but I am trying to have my figure pulse on the group and what they need and how to help them.”

You have mentioned the leadership council - who is in that and how does it work?

“Right now, these are the initial phases and I am happy. I first met with five guys and then I added two more so right now it is Liam, it’s Luke who I have also learned his name is Bill, okay! It’s Adam, it’s Rodrigo, it’s Kalvin, it’s Stuart and it’s Patrick. Those seven guys right now. I want the to get to know me. I am trying to get the whole team to know me but it’s really important for them to have their finger on the pulse of who I am so that they can translate to me what they think is important for the team from other players and I can translate to them and they can disseminate and help to give information that is important and that they are fully in, that they are committed 100 per cent to what we are trying to develop here and the more that those seven guys can do that I think it will disseminate and it will be easier to be all in and to try and understand what we are trying to accomplish here.”

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