Why Cellino is putting his money where his mouth is at Leeds United - Lorimer

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Leeds United fans.
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LEEDS United owner Massimo Cellino is “dangling a carrot” and “putting his money where his mouth is” by promising season ticket holders a refund if they don’t reach the play-offs next season, club legend Peter Lorimer says.

Lorimer, writing in the Yorkshire Evening Post, says the announcement will signal a big push for signings in the summer.

He said: “The last thing any club wants to do is pay back a percentage of their season-ticket money. It’s vital income for teams outside the Premier League – and Leeds United rely on it.

We reach the play-offs - or your money back

“So when I saw the new season-ticket offer and the promise of refunds if Leeds don’t make the top six next season, I could only assume that we’re on for a big push in the summer. Any owner who says ‘cash back if we don’t make the play-offs’ has to be confident of getting there. You wouldn’t make that offer otherwise.”

Calling the offer “a great initiative”, Lorimer says he believes the club’s Italian owner wants what is best for Leeds.

He adds: “What I like about this season-ticket promotion is that the owner is dangling a carrot.

“He’s saying, ‘If I don’t get this club into the play-offs, I’ll give you a big wedge of money back’. There’s no way he’ll want to do that. There’s no way that any owner would want to be forking out a big sum like that just before a summer transfer window. So his money’s where his mouth is.”

Lorimer says: “I’ve said many times that the owner here, for all the criticism he gets, genuinely wants to make a success of the club.

“I don’t believe he’s any happier than the man in the street to be looking at mid-table in the Championship again.

This season ticket announcement feels like a bit of light on the horizon – a promise that the club are going to have a go. We’ve got another interesting summer ahead.”