'What a team they are' - how Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and top bosses describe Marcelo Bielsa's Leeds United

A dangerous team with intensity, attacking intent, belief and incredible fitness levels - that's how Leeds United have been described by some of the top managers in English and European football.

Tuesday, 30th March 2021, 11:58 am
BIG ADMIRER - Pep Guardiola has long been a fan of Marcelo Bielsa and the football Leeds United play. Pic: Getty

Here are some of the best quotes about Marcelo Bielsa s Whites, from Premier League bosses this season.

"They destroyed the Championship last season. It's a gift to the Premier League to have [Bielsa] here because his teams are always a joy to watch. They are honest, always want to attack and produce good football for fans."
"I congratulated everyone of their team, what a team they are. Unbelievable. I will watch them quite often during the season."

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"You can see he’s a coach with all the details and he’s got his teams running. They’re the highest running and sprinting team in the league, probably the fittest team."
"They play in a respectful way. They don’t argue with referees so much. They have great integrity in the game. I’ve enjoyed watching them and preparing to play against them."
"There will be a lot of intense runs from Leeds, their midfield is flexible, and they are very attacking. They try to win every game so they are brave and have courage."
"Leeds make you play at incredible intensity. All clubs when they play Leeds, their running stats will be as high as any time in the season.They will challenge every team with the style they play."
"They play really well, they're a dynamic team, we knew this.They have a clear idea of football, create a lot of problems for teams they played against. It's a really, really good team."
"They are a fantastic team, they put you under a lot of trouble and everyone knows their roles. Their energy level is incredible. It is difficult to maintain the physical demands of the game."
"The fact that they never seem to stop running and they have the ability as a result to flood players forward because they seem to be able to flood them back as well - that is without doubt a quality.”
"They broke us, created chances, they were so dynamic. We had to adjust and be more clinical in front."
"They've been getting plaudits here, rightly so by the way, let's make that clear. And they've dug in, they've fought, they've done all the things you have to do."
"They're a very good side. A unique side in the way they play and set up. You don't come across it a lot. The intensity with which Leeds play is always one you need to match."
"Huge football club, went toe to toe with them in the Championship and they are a brilliant addition to the Premier League. They're an exceptional team, well coached, a lot of good players."
"We know about their running stats and that they are one of the most energetic teams in the league."
"They run so much and fight so much that we have to match them and be smart. We’re playing against a really good team."
"They are not easy to analyse but the stats say a lot of shorts, scoring against the top teams. Leeds are one of the most dangerous teams in the league."