Unfortunate Leeds United need to keep calm and carry on – Ritchie

Garry Monk.
Garry Monk.
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AT LEEDS it’s all about getting results with the owner.

But by all accounts the Whites played well at Derby.

I don’t know too much about how they played against Wigan on Tuesday night but obviously they got point though it will probably feel like they have lost two after a late equaliser.

But they are doing okay I think and it’s like I keep saying – Massimo Cellino has got to give Garry Monk time to get everything together.

I saw them against Barnsley and I thought they played ever so well for three-quarters of the game. And when Barnsley got that goal which gave them a bit of impetus they managed to hold on. I think Garry is getting bits of what he wants into the team but it’s not all coming together at the same time yet.

But that is the same everywhere – people have to build on things and work on things and he looks as though he is doing that.

I am sure he is getting close to what he wants.

When you concede a last-minute goal like they did against Wigan, you’ve got to make sure that it doesn’t have a long-term effect on you.

You can’t reflect on it and you’ve got to deal with that.

You’ve got to analyse it but then you have got to get it out of your system and say ‘okay, this is what we have got to do to stop that happening again’.

Maybe it’s something to do with concentration, he might think it might be fitness related and sometimes when you are at the end of a game like that and you are winning 1-0 you are thinking ‘we’ve got to see this out’ and you are maybe not concentrating like maybe you should be.

It’s something that they will have to analyse and talk about but at the same time they will be trying to obliterate it from their minds.

That’s what I would be trying to do as a manager or as a player – just say, ‘right, next time we are in that position again, we’ll make sure that we are all working and we are all keeping everybody on our toes’ – not only the staff but also the players together as a group.

Leeds now go to Wolves today and going to any of the Midlands clubs is always tough.

You have got Aston Villa, Wolves and Birmingham in this division and they are always tough games with very partisan crowds, who are always vociferous and provide string backing on their own grounds.

They always have a good record in home games so Garry will know what it’s going to be like – it’s going to be difficult.

He’ll hopefully get something out of the Wolves game and then he will think about the EFL Cup game on Tuesday night at Elland Road against Norwich.

They are flying high but Leeds have home advantage and the Elland Road crowd behind them so he will think of ways of how he is going to stop them playing.

City will be coming and trying to put their stamp on the game but you want to silence them. They will be coming forward full of bravado and thinking they can come and get a result and Leeds have got to make sure that they knock that stuffing out of them, really.

I see both Norwich and Newcastle United going up.

Norwich are flying and Newcastle won 2-0 on Tuesday but it could have been 4-0 or 5-0. I see those two being there at the end and then you have got Villa with Steve Bruce going in there. He’s got his first victory now so I wouldn’t write them off just yet.

They have had a bit of a rubbish start but I think they will be there or thereabouts and then I think Garry is probably doing better than he thought at Leeds at the minute.

They are ahead of schedule probably and I think they can sneak into the play-offs definitely.

From what I have seen, they have got the players it’s just getting that consistency.