Time to get a Leeds United takeover deal done and move on - Ormsby

AIMING HIGH: Brendan Ormsby wants a deal to takeover Leeds United done as soon as possible so Neil Warnock can concentrate on getting the Whites promoted.
AIMING HIGH: Brendan Ormsby wants a deal to takeover Leeds United done as soon as possible so Neil Warnock can concentrate on getting the Whites promoted.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Brendan. Surely takeovers are not meant to drag out this long, what do you reckon to it all? It’s becoming a bit of a saga.

Paul Smith, Harrogate

IF they are going to complete a deal, for the sake and future of the club, it needs to be done now.

I don’t know what the chairman is holding out for, whatever it is, whether he might agree something with someone else. Who knows?

I know they have to keep some things secret and hush-hush, but it’s been a long time now and lots of supporters are wondering what is going on.

A lot of supporters I know will not go to games until they know what is happening. Many have stopped buying season tickets and are just going on game per game basis.

The club desperately needs to start going forward and getting on with it now.

It’s a shame because on the pitch things are going well, with four points taken from the away games at Bristol City and Bolton.

If someone had said we’d take four points from six beforehand, we’d have taken that.

We have made an encouraging start to the season and there’s a chance it could be our year.

Neil Warnock at the moment is doing his job and side of the bargain, but I’m sure he would feel a lot better – and I am sure the players would as well – if they knew the club was secure with new owners and new money coming in.

They have got to get on with it now and stop dragging it out.

If the chairman is going to sell it, sell it and let the new owners get on with what they are going to do.

That will give Neil the money to continue rebuilding the team as he has been doing and hopefully we can continue reaping the rewards on the pitch.

Every season, I always expect Leeds to be near the top with their history and tradition and pushing for promotion in this league. At worst, getting in the play-offs.

For me, if they don’t get in the play-offs, then it is a bad season.

This season, they have as good a chance as anyone if everything is right.

If the club is sold, it would enable everyone to totally focus and get on with the football.

I understand fans being impatient at the minute in not really knowing what is going on.

They have seen the work at the ground with the new suites in the East Stand put up and the money being put up to pay for it.

Yes, that’s all lovely. But many wanted the money to be put into the team first as if they do get promoted to the Premiership, a lot more money will come back into the club.

And you can build what you want then; success on the pitch brings everything else that goes with it.

It really has dragged on. But at the end of the day, the chairman will do what he wants.

Yet it’s fair to say the majority of fans just want the sale done, so we can get on with the new era at Elland Road.

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