Radrizanni deal could boost Leeds United’s transfer kitty – Ritchie

Leeds United's players celebrate Chris Wood's second goal against Rotherham United.
Leeds United's players celebrate Chris Wood's second goal against Rotherham United.
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MASSIMO Cellino has said a couple of times that if the right offer came in for Leeds United he would consider it.

Obviously he believes the offer from Andrea Radrizanni is the right offer and his group are obviously quite a big group so we might be going full steam ahead at the end of the year.

Andrea Radrizzani.

Andrea Radrizzani.

Let’s have a wait and see but I think it’s good news and hopefully there might be a bit of money to spend.

They have got to get it sorted now and hopefully get a couple of players in and I think that would be the ideal situation for Garry Monk.

I can’t see any downsides yet but I think we said that when Mr Cellino came in, didn’t we?

You have got to be on your guard a little bit and I think the fans will probably feel that as well – they will be very, very pleased and hopefully it will turn out to be a really good move.

The team are going great guns at the minute and who knows what can happen.

They seem to be beating everybody that is put in front of them.

They have had some difficult games and they have shown their mettle – like in the game against Brentford.

They didn’t give in and that goal from Kyle Bartley was the icing on the cake.

They have shown they have got that belief within the squad and within the group.

I think they are playing for each other which is a massive thing as well – that togetherness and that camaraderie is good and I think you see that when they finish games.

They are all in a huddle together, they all pat each other on the back and congratulate each other and it looks as though they have got a good spirit.

Massimo Cellino deserves credit for where has got Leeds to and you can’t knock him too much.

I know it has been a rocky road along the way and he hasn’t really endeared himself to the fans of late.

But the club could have gone out of business before he came in.

He resurrected the club, he bought it and he has built a steady foundation and you have got to say that the man that is coming in has seen that.

Otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.

Not everyone has agreed with what Cellino has done and I have said that many times – more on the footballing front in the way that he has brought in, but then got rid of head coaches.

I have not agreed with that and not purely just because I have been in that situation myself but I think the stability of the club going forward and the work ethic of the football club is hampered by that.

At the moment, Garry has got it going. He has got them really going well and he has managed to break that jinx really and let’s hope that he keeps it going.

Hopefully they can get a few bob in this transfer window because I don’t think they are that far away from having a really good challenge this season.

In terms of the chances of automatic promotion, two or three games is a long time in football.

They need people above them to lose points and maybe not win or draw.

They need that to happen but they have just got to continue on their journey and make sure that they win their games – do their end of the bargain and then whatever comes at the end of it, they can’t reproach themselves.

That would be the way I would look at it as a manager, that’s what I would be saying to the players myself and I am not telling Garry how to suck eggs because he is a fantastic coach. He has done brilliantly.

But I think I would be just be saying let’s do our end of the bargain because you can’t influence how the other teams are playing. You are not going to influence the teams above you and you are not going to influence the people around you, unless you are actually playing against them.

Just do your end of the bargain, keep winning, keep getting the points and amassing points on the board and that could mean at the end of the season you are in second or whatever – you never know. But I am excited about it and I think they have have got a great chance.

One player that Leeds have been heavily linked with is West Ham United striker Ashley Fletcher and I have seen him obviously because he was at Barnsley on loan from Manchester United.

He scored a lot of goals for them but I was actually surprised that West Ham went for him.

No disrespect to him but I thought it might have been a bit early for him.

I know he had scored goals so he was probably worth a punt but he hasn’t played many times for West Ham.

I’m not sure if they would be able to get him on a permanent deal but on loan I think it could work.

Garry probably needs someone else up front there, even though Souleymane Doukara has come back and played well. But I think they need somebody else too because I think Garry sees Doukara more as that wider player of the front three.

They maybe need someone else to play through the middle and Ashley Fletcher can certainly do that.

He knows the league, he has scored goals there and I think it would be easier to get him on loan than sign someone permanently in the January window.