On This Day in 2005: Leeds United - Bates bows to fans power

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The front page headlines of your YEP was dominated by Ken Bates who bowed to fan power in the row over the rise in season ticket prices,

The story in full from 2005:

LEEDS United today bowed to fan power in the row over the rise in season ticket prices for next season.

The YEP has been deluged with complaints from irate supporters and new chairman Ken Bates today moved to placate angry fans.

Bates, who has spoken to disgruntled fans on an individual basis, has performed a U-turn over the pricing

structure and supporters are now able to pay for their tickets in instalments.

Supporters were originally told they had to find the money for renewals by mid-May – but United have granted a three-month period of grace to fans paying by cheque only.

Fans wishing to renew can now:

●* Pay for one third of the season ticket with the renewal;

●* Pay a further cheque for another

third post-dated to the 15th June 2005;

●* Make a final cheque for the final third post-dated to the 15th July 2005.

The club today stressed that the decision was not taken after angry fans voiced their disapproval during last night’s 4-0 hammering at the hands of Yorkshire rivals Sheffield

United by chanting “You can stick your Chelsea prices...”

The YEP understands that supporter groups were informed ahead of the Elland Road debacle.

United chief executive Shaun Harvey said: “The club has said that it will always listen to its supporters.

“While we have been resolute in defending both the new pricing structure and the reorganisation of the seating arrangements inside the stadium we believe that the majority of the Clubs supporters would accept the increased prices if they were allowed time to pay for the ticket.

“We have listened to the supporters and we hope we can assist them in spreading the cost of paying for their season tickets.

Initial reaction from fans is that this will be of great assistance.

“In the event of any of the post dated cheques not being honoured then the seat will be

released for general sale and any monies already paid forfeited.”

United today confirmed they have already received a good response to the announcement