Leeds United: Why not take a punt on Somma?

Davide Somma.
Davide Somma.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Brendan, assuming he recovers from his knee troubles, should we be taking a punt on Davide Somma – his contract has expired but he’s still having treatment at Leeds and hopes he can get back into our plans.

I don’t see why not to be honest. I was at the Derby game last week and obviously the fans are not happy. And the worst thing about it now is that they are starting to turn a bit on the manager. But he can only work with what he’s got and what the board give him. I didn’t know Somma, inset, was in that situation but if that’s the case I don’t think you have got anything to lose by giving him a go. I always thought he was a super-sub who would come on and score a goal, do little bits and create something.

He’d be like having a new player in the team and I can’t see what harm it can do. We know he can play and it’s not like we’d be taking a massive gamble because it’s not as if we don’t know anything about him or how good he is so if we can get him fit, why not chuck him in? Don’t give him a full contract, maybe give him one of these pay as you play terms. I don’t think Leeds can lose anything by it.

Dan’s got some good ideas about the game

HI Brendan, I see Danny Mills has been named on this new FA commission to help the English national team – what do you think to Danny’s proposals about limiting the number of foreigners in the Premier League?

It won’t happen but I agree with Danny. And I’m glad Danny has said that because there’s too many players and ex-players who go on TV and sit on the fence.

When I started back at Villa a long time ago, the maximum number of foreigners you could have was three in a team.

I remember we had one who stood out who was a Frenchman – Didier Six – and that was the only one we had at the time. And even to have one Frenchman in your team it was considered out of the ordinary. I don’t think what Danny is saying is a bad idea but it’s not going to happen.

You will probably get the FA turning around and saying ‘they bring all this money into the game – the foreign players coming in – and it enhances the Premier League and makes it stronger.’ Yes, but what about our English players?

Our league – even though they call the Premier League the strongest division in football – if you look at most of the top clubs they are full of foreign players.

So the kids are not getting a chance. And then we hear moans when we are not doing well on the pitch nationally but that’s because the lads are not getting a chance at club level to play against top players. So, one way of looking at it is that by strengthening the Premier League, it hinders the progression of the national side and the young kids. After each World Cup we keep saying ‘well, let’s blood the youngsters’ but they never do.

I know Roy Hodgson has put different lads in and given them a chance but I still think it’s going to be a long, long time and I probably won’t be here when we win a World Cup again. Fair play to Danny for saying what he did.

In the past I think these committees or commissions have been a load of rubbish. You have had people who are running things like FIFA and UEFA and the FA who have never played a game. But they are there wearing suits and telling us how to play the game and what we should be doing and what we shouldn’t be doing.

But if Danny Mills is on this commission then good luck to him. I know what Danny is like as a player and as a person and I’m hoping that he carries on in this commission as he did as a player.

He didn’t mind winding people up and he was a bit arrogant which you have to be I suppose!

I hope he doesn’t back down to people on this commission.

If he’s got a point to say and he thinks it’s worth saying then say it.

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