Leeds United: Whites won’t end up like Pompey – Ritchie

Long-suffering Leeds United fans.
Long-suffering Leeds United fans.
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Former Leeds United ace Andy Ritchie answers all your questions.

Hi Andy, do you think there is a real danger Leeds United could become the next Portsmouth?

I don’t think so; I certainly hope not anyway.

GFH have basically said that will never happen on their watch, haven’t they? But as I said on the radio before the Reading game, surely they have got at Plan B other than Massimo Cellino, as you would expect that the money he has pumped in is on a loan basis and he would want it to be paid back if the deal doesn’t happen.

The worry seemed to be that they did not seem to want to come out and say what the Plan B was and I think this is why a lot of people are worried and thinking: ‘Well, what is going to happen’ if the Cellino deal gets knocked back.

The rival consortium might still be around and in the mix, waiting in the wings and let’s hope someone comes out of the woodwork at some stage.

It is certainly worrying times for sure. But I can’t see Leeds ‘doing a Portsmouth’.

With all due respect to Portsmouth, they don’t have the catchment of Leeds United.

It’s simply too big a club for someone not to want it, you just hope and pray it is the right sort of people. That’s the bottom line.

Plenty of people have always been interested in Leeds. But it’s about getting the right ones in who have the right duty of care towards this great club.

It has obvious potential and advantages, but the owners have to care and nurture the club to get their rewards.

Leeds supporters deserve that after what they have gone through. They really have gone through the mill too many times to mention over the years, let’s be honest.

Portsmouth have had a horrible time of it from being FA Cup winners to now being in the old fourth division and it’s natural for some Leeds supporters to look at what is happening there, given some of the chaotic events here.

But I don’t think it will ultimately be the same scenario. Although until things are sorted for definite with the future of the club, people are entitled to be a little bit wary, that’s human nature.

It’s just been one thing after another for Leeds fans over the past decade and it’s amazing really – from the semi-finals of the Champions League to this mess.

It’s just terrible for the fans more than anything. They are the lifeblood of the club who keep it going.

The support through all this has been absolutely staggering.

For the amount of people to still come to Elland Road and see such support when Leeds go away takes your breath away.

I am sure Leeds could take 5,000 to every away game if they were allowed. This despite everything that has gone on and is still going on. They deserve so much better.

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