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Ross McCormack
Ross McCormack
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LEEDS UNITED are back in pre-season and it’s obvious that the staff are going to be working the players hard.

Yes, fitness can take you a long way and graft can take you to places you think you were not going to get to. But it is not the be-all and end-all.

You do need some craft and guile in there.

You look at Wimbledon years ago and that may have been built on graft, team work and hard work and fitness.

But they still had the players with a bit of guile such as Lawrie Sanchez and Dennis Wise, even Vinnie Jones was decent.

They were good players, along with doing the hard work.

Hard work can get you a long way, but you need one or two special players.

At the moment, Leeds have got one in Ross McCormack, but I do believe they have another in Luke Murphy.

I like him as a player and am sure he can shine a bit more.

But for Leeds, looking at the last few years, you can’t just pare away and pare away and get rid of players. It’s detrimental.

Leeds just cannot rely on Ross for another season and obviously this second season will be important for Matty Smith as well.

He got something like 13 goals in his first season in the Championship and did really well.

But you can’t just rely on that happening again.

Although he has done fantastically well, the second season is going to be harder than his first, definitely.

Obviously, former captain Lee Peltier has left Leeds for Huddersfield Town and I am sure there will have been a settlement involved.

He will have wanted to get away and Leeds will have obviously been trying to save a bit of money, so in this case it’s fine.

At the minute, no-one really knows what is happening at Leeds and obviously they are still sorting out pre-season and no-one is really coming in.

I know there seems a bit of unrest with some spectators and from what I have heard there’s a number of fans who are just not renewing their season tickets. It’s as if they just see the place being in turmoil.

Many are saying they are not going back and that has shocked me, with this coming from Leeds fans.

On to matters at the World Cup in Brazil.

Obviously, the Luis Suarez incident is still in the headlines and what a total embarrassment it was.

It was total amazement from me when I watched that.

There’s not a lot of things that shock me in football; some things surprise me, but don’t shock me; but that did shock me.

Personally, I don’t think the ban is long enough.

I think it’s ridiculous and it’s totally let him off the hook. Four months?

He should be banned from the World Cup, which he has been.

But for me, the Uruguayan striker should have been banned for football for at least a season from all domestic, European and world football.

I agree it’s unfortunate for Liverpool and I am sure Anfield boss Brendan Rodgers will have had conversations about all this with him after last time when it happened at Liverpool.

But for it to happen once is bad, twice is a case of ‘what is going on here?’.

But for a third time? I really do think they should have banned him for longer.

Yes, they say geniuses have a fatal flaw, but come on! You don’t bite people.

Much more of this behaviour and I think you will find he is playing in the Transylvanian second division!

It was just a shocking incident, everyone I spoke to couldn’t believe it.

It was ridiculous; he should certainly have been banned for longer than he has been by the authorities.

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