Leeds United: Whites are in very good hands with Rosler at the helm – Ritchie

Uwe Rosler.
Uwe Rosler.
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MASSIMO CELLINO has come out in support of Uwe Rosler this week and says he is backing his man and that there is no pressure to get promoted this season.

Some might intepret it as a vote of confidence. But I don’t read anything into it being a vote of no confidence or anything because I think Uwe is doing a fantastic job.

Uwe for me has got the pedigree and the stature to take on the job. But he simply has got to be given time and if he is, he will do a good job.

That said, I don’t really think anyone knows what Cellino is really thinking at any one minute. He has shown he can change his mind very, very quickly. We have seen that already with the amount of managers he has gone through.

I have said it about all the managers here, apart from maybe one in Darko (Milanic) that he should have stuck with people.

For me, Leeds just crave stability. If you keep changing managers – you are not going to keep getting good results if you keep chopping and changing every time.

That is the top and bottom of it.


Massimo has spoken about Rosler needing to relax. But looking at his time in management, he was a really good success at Brentford with his methods.

As for his character, even when he was a player he was very intense and 100 per cent all the time and that is the way he is with his management style and that is what he expects of his players.

Maybe sometimes, you do need to chill out a bit. But perhaps it is just not in his nature.

He wants to win and is very focused and determined in getting those results.

Personally, I don’t see that as a bad thing really.

Uwe is a good manager and he also has a very good coach with him in Rob Kelly. He is someone I have known a long time, from when I was at the youth set-up at Leeds and he was at Blackburn.

For me, Leeds are in very good hands.

Having watched the Middlesbrough game on Sunday, even though it was a 3-0 defeat, it has just been bad mistakes which let Leeds down. They did not play too badly at all.

Obviously, Sol Bamba slipped for the third goal and there was the own goal from Giuseppe Bellusci. And I actually disagreed with people on the TV and felt that the first goal from David Nugent was handball. Looking at Leeds’ opening to the season, you have to factor in that they have had a really tough start and they have had to go to places like Derby and Boro already – and they managed to get a really good result at Derby and played well enough going forward on Sunday.

They have gone to places where normally a draw would be a good result. Leeds have had some hard games and now need a few wins under their belt, particularly at Elland Road.

It is unbelievable, really – you automatically assume Leeds are going to be strong at home and they haven’t won at Elland Road yet this season.

At one stage, it used to be a given that no-one could win at Leeds United and now Leeds are struggling to get a win at home.

It will turn at some stage, but it could do with being soon. They have just got to stick at it.

Much is being made of Premier League sides struggling a bit in the Champions League after some of the recent results – and personally I just think footballing strength in the major countries is cyclical.

People are already saying we have too many matches in this country in short periods of time and this, that and the other.

It might be the crux of the matter, I don’t know. But I just think things come in cycles and I certainly think we will get back to getting in Champions League finals and the late knock-out stages.

Having said, looking at our leading Premier League sides in the Champions League, how many English players are actually playing in it?

That’s another story and you could say that it is more of a global league than an English one really.