Leeds United: We didn’t have diving in my day - Ormsby

CONTROVERSY: Liverpool's Luis Suarez, above, has been criticised for falling over too easily to gain free-kicks.
CONTROVERSY: Liverpool's Luis Suarez, above, has been criticised for falling over too easily to gain free-kicks.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan. Revelations that Michael Owen used to dive in the penalty box came as no surprise to me. As a defender, you must have come across one or two yourself?


TO be honest, it is hard to think of one, John. In our time, it just wasn’t like it is now. Today, if the wind is too strong, players will fall over!

The old-fashioned type of centre-forwards such as Peter Withe, Joe Jordan, Mark Hughes and Andy Gray just didn’t do it and years ago, you never used to see penalties for diving like there are today.

Players like Luis Suarez have now got ‘names’ for diving and always falling over and the referees have cottoned onto the fact and now he is not going to get the benefit of the doubt from referees now, even when he’s fouled.

But now many players are following the likes of Suarez and falling over at the drop of a hat.

Ashley Young at Manchester United is another who has got a reputation for being a diver. There seems to be an art to it now.

But in our day, there was no-one really like that; even the Fancy Dan wingers at that time didn’t fall over. If you whacked a player as a defender, he would try and stay on his feet if he could in order to get a shot at goal.

I suppose Franny Lee, who was a bit before me, did have a bit of a reputation for getting penalties in the seventies. But there weren’t any ‘divers’ in my era.

In my day, strikers were big and hard and I could handle myself!

It was a man’s world and strikers didn’t want to just go down and fall on the floor, it wasn’t manly. Today, they don’t care and go down if there’s a hair out of place.

Then in the TV studios, they talk about ‘simulation’ and all that.

I hate that word ‘simulation’. For me, there is only one word for it; cheating.

These days, managers will pat a player on the back if they actually win a penalty doing that. And his team-mates and fans will probably love him as well. Many may play hell when such a decision is against their name, but they don’t half love it when such an award is for them!

It’s often said that the diving situation is worse abroad, but when I used to go to Europe, I’ve got to say I didn’t experience anything that bad. Certainly not as bad as it is today.

The main thing I remember about Europe is the petrol bombs flying over the dug-out when we played in Turkey!

When I played, the important thing for strikers was getting in a shot on goal as referees didn’t give things for diving if people went down. For refs to give penalties, there had to be a 100 per cent, nailed-on foul in the box.

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