Leeds United: We can upset the Magpies in the Cup - Ormsby

Alan Pardew.
Alan Pardew.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

What do you reckon to the Newcastle tie in the League Cup – it’s an absolute cracker and adds to the feel-good factor here.

IT would have been better if it we had got them at home! But the second-best thing is to have a big Premiership club away and it will be a game between two really big clubs and a bit of a rewinding of the clock.

Most people might think Newcastle should win, but to be honest, I don’t think they are that good a team. There are better top-flight sides and they are one of the picks, even though they have some decent players, although most of them are foreign. It seems most of the Premier League is just a home for foreign footballers these days though.

The tie is a nice distraction for our lads. A bit like when we went to Man City last season; although I do think they are a much better team than Newcastle as they showed against us early in the new year.

We shouldn’t be frightened of going up there and we have nothing to lose anyway as if we get beaten, most in football will have expected us to. But if win, great.

I am sure the lads and Brian McDermott will be looking forward to it.

I do think Alan Pardew is under an awful lot of pressure there and you hear lots of stories and rumours knocking around.

Newcastle fans crave success and let plenty of managers know that. They know they are not going to win the league and their best chance of glory comes in the cups.

Obviously, Leeds will not be looking at winning the cup. But the further we go brings more prestige for the club and money and it’s good experience. You also look at some of the ties in the next round with Man United playing Liverpool and Villa facing Tottenham and a two big teams are destined to go out at least.

Obviously, players will want to play in the Newcastle game and it’s an extra incentive for them to do well in the league.

The players will be getting used to Brian now and how he does things. Unlike what Neil Warnock did, Brian will have his own ways and I think he is the type of manager who will reward people if they give it back to him.

Brian said after the Doncaster game that he wanted to treat the competition seriously for all our supporters who went down there.

But while he changed things a little bit at Donny, I think he will have to pick his strongest team at Newcastle.

Certainly, if Newcastle treat us a bit lightly, then we can definitely turn them over.

I don’t think they are that good a team and if Pardew messes the team around, Newcastle might get what they deserve and be in for a shock.

Window’s a waste of time for me

A lot of managers want the transfer window to close before the season starts, this seems like a good idea to me as it can stop all this speculation stuff, which is getting boring – do you agree?

WE have certainly spoken about this for the past few years and my transfer window would definitely be from the end of one season to the start of the next. That’s it!

It’s the same with managers for me. Look at Blackburn; they had about four managers in 24 hours last year. Summer is enough time to get rid of people and bring others in.

Now there is a countdown to Monday and we are seeing all the deals drag out and then we will have all the stuff for the telly on the last day. And then a week later, the emergency loan deadline opens. It’s a waste of time.

For me, all the transfers would be in the summer and after that, clubs should have to work with what they have got. Maybe then the kids might get a chance.

With this system, you get all the transfer sagas. Look at Gareth Bale, above, – he’s going to go. To be honest, I am not interested. I don’t want to see on the TV what he is having for breakfast and dinner every day!

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