Leeds United v Rotherham United: YEP Jury give their predictions

Lewis Cook.
Lewis Cook.
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Our YEP Jury have their say on Leeds United’s season and the final home game against Rotherham United.


So we reach the final game of the season, and by some miracle, given how we were playing pre January, we have nothing to play for, we can’t go up and most importantly we can’t go down.

I’m just relieved we managed to get to the magical 50-point mark sooner rather than later, having been on the back of a set of results which has seen us gain one win in six.

Our opponents, Rotherham, have also kept their Championship status and can relax knowing they have nothing to lose from 90 minutes tomorrow.

This is a Yorkshire derby, so although there is only three points to play for and neither team can affect which league they are in, we still have pride at stake, pride that was shown last Saturday in Sheffield and pride that must be shown tomorrow.

This summer is so important. It is about time we actually show some stability behind the scenes and keep things smooth on the playing and management side. Whoever is our owner, they would be stupid to get rid of a manager that gets the young lads going, and actually gets the lads to run through brick walls, knows the division and knows what is needed to get out of it.

Give him a chance to build a team around them with four or five quality signings and we could be looking at a really enjoyable season for the fans; it’s the least we deserve.

I hope Steve Evans does wear a sombrero and beach-wear tomorrow because it would prove to me what I already know, that he belongs in a circus. He spends too much of his time complaining about other teams, trying to stir up trouble, some say it’s funny but I think it’s disrespectful.

A Leeds win to write off a disappointing season would be very nice.

In terms of this year there have been many more downs than ups, but the biggest and by far best thing about this season has been the lads wearing numbers 2, 21, 23, 27 and 40, with many more looking ready to push for a step up to the first team. These lads are the heartbeat of the team, and in Lewis Cook we have a player who has the ability to surpass who I consider our best youngster over the past 20 years – James Milner. At such a young age, his ability is extraordinary.

Let’s make a few changes and give a few players a chance to show what they can do.

Prediction: Leeds United 4 Rotherham United 0.


Well the dust is about to fall on another quiet and uneventful season in Leeds 11, if only that was true!

There is not enough room in the entire sports section of the newspaper to put down in print everything that has happened since the first ball was kicked at Millwall nine months ago.

Three different people have held the role of ‘head coach’. The first one, Hockaday to the supporters, was a joke and lasted six games, one did fairly well (Redfearn) in a four-match period that yielded ten points out of twelve but the ‘powers that be’ decided that another watermelon needed tasting, Milanic was chosen but he only lasted half a dozen games too. Cellino turned back to Redfearn, who moved from the head coach of the development of players to become the head coach of the first team, confused? We all have been and the circus still wasn’t finished.

Owners removed because they had broken Italian tax laws, but only till May when he could return as the offence would be classed as ‘spent’. Assistant coaches removed on the whim of somebody. It was mentioned in an earlier column that it was like a popular fictitious programme on satellite TV, Myself, I found it too far-fetched for even that programme!

It’s been sometimes hard to comprehend that throughout this farce of a season, a wonderful young midfielder broke into the team and cemented himself in it, Lewis Cook is a jewel of a player and probably the best midfield prospect we’ve had on our books for years, no disrespect to Alex Mowatt with this sentiment but Cook could be the best ever of the impressive youngsters Neil Redfearn, Lucy Ward and others have developed from a young age.

With Rotherham’s 2-1 victory over Reading sending both Wigan and our friends in Bermondsey down to the third tier of English football, the game tomorrow is basically ‘a dead rubber’ but local pride will hopefully be on show when West meets South Yorkshire for the second week running. Steve Evan’s side came from behind to win 2-1 the last time the teams met.

Whether Massimo Cellino attends is debatable but the show of support for Redfearn will be evident and he deserves the support. Whether he remains next season is one of things this supporter needs to know before deciding if next season he continues to buy into what Cellino is selling. Sometimes shopping with the Mrs seems a lot easier option!

Prediction: Leeds 2 Rotherham United 1.


After 45 games and 10 months, the 2014/15 season finally comes to an end with a meaningless home fixture against Rotherham United. Last season was the most disappointing season in my time watching the club, and this season whilst just as pitiful on the pitch, has in fact exceeded expectations!

From the moment Dave Hockaday was appointed coach in June, I was fully expecting Leeds to be in the relegation places come the seasons end. Had Leeds persisted with the choices of Massimo Cellino, then that would have been the case as both Hockaday and Darko Milanic conspired to produce just one win between them.

But for Neil Redfearn, we would be waving goodbye to Championship football tomorrow afternoon, yet it is highly likely that we will be bidding farewell to the Leeds head coach instead.

Hopefully the team will put on one last display for the man who has resurrected or started the Leeds career of so many of the team. It may be the last time we will see many of them, as it seems another summer of upheaval is on the cards. Such is the life of Leeds United.

Prediction: Leeds United 3 Rotherham United 0.


After 45 games and nine months of turmoil the final scenes of United’s season will be played out tomorrow lunchtime against Rotherham.

Shy and retiring Millers manager Steve Evans has threatened to wear shorts, flip-flops, sunglasses and a sombrero after confirming their Championship safety. Let’s hope for a cold, wet day as well as a victory and a new contract for coach Neil Redfearn.

Prediction: Leeds United 3 Rotherham United 2.


So the last game of the season is finally upon us.

The Rotherham United fans will be partying after securing their safety on Tuesday night, so they should bring a good following.

For us, it’s a chance to give our fans their money’s worth and end the season on a big high after another mediocre campaign.

I hope it isn’t Neil Redfearn’s last game in charge but you never know what is going to happen with our football club.

I don’t think there will be many changes to the team that won at Sheffield, so the players will be coming in full of confidence hoping they can get some revenge on Rotherham, who beat us earlier in the season.

Prediction: Leeds United 2 Rotherham United 0.


I for one cannot wait to see the back of this season. Gone are the days when you would miss football during the close season, it’s now a blessed relief.

Spending half the season, nominally, without an owner and without an assistant manager has been the icing on the cake of baffling managerial appointments, financial turmoil, transfer embargos and takeover rumours.

The team has lurched from battling through its limitations to entirely inept. We’d be relegated but for Neil Redfearn and Steve Thompson off the pitch and Stephen Warnock and Rodolph Austin on it. The fact two have gone and it’s likely tomorrow is the curtain call for the other two is a disgrace.

Prediction: Leeds United 1 Rotherham United 1.