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Leeds United transfer rumours: Whites make contact with long-term Bielsa target, Tottenham plot raid for Elland Road star

Leeds United’s Premier League campaign got off to a disappointing start against Manchester United on Saturday lunchtime.

By Jason Jones
Monday, 16th August 2021, 4:31 pm

A 5-1 defeat represented a sobering blow for the Whites, who once again stuck to their principles of open, attacking football – as many people noticed.

"This is an expansive game," said former England boss Roy Hodgson on Premier League Publications

"Leeds are an expansive team, they can cause you a lot of problems with their expansive play.

"But if you are able to deal with their play and get control of the ball, if you can get turned as often as they did, there was some fantastic play from the midfield players when they were being fed the ball, getting turned with the ball and then attacking that space in front of the back four.

"If you have got the ability to do that then you find Pogba on the ball behind your midfield, you find Fernandes behind the midfield and you start to worry because if they are going to make the runs they did the ball is going to be fed in.

"Then you just hope I suppose that if you give them that amount of chances that they are going to miss them but they didn't look like missing."

Hodgson added: "One of the goals really highlights one of my pet hates and that's the one that Fernandes scores which is allowed on the goal line technology rule.

"Seeing the defender who is trying to defend him with his hands behind his back, that really does drive me crazy.”

We’ve gathered the best of today’s Premier League speculation below…

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