Leeds United: Top man Sheridan was cut above - Ormsby

John Sheridan.
John Sheridan.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan.

You played with John Sheridan for several seasons at Leeds, how good was he? For me, he could have played for any one of the top 80s sides.

Carl Hansen, via email

I’VE got to agree with you Carl. When I was at Leeds, Shez was as good as anyone at that time. I’d have put him up there with any of the midfield boys from the top first division clubs, skill-wise.

Although he was annoying to play with as he was such a moaner! He never stopped moaning, though that’s usually a sign of a good player – one who demands the best and expects a lot from his colleagues.

All I used to do as a centre-half at Leeds was give the ball to him or Snods (Ian Snodin) in the middle as they were real ball players and playmakers.

Some of the things he did and goals I saw him score at Elland Road were unbelievable. He could stand in the middle of the park and pick out anyone.

Shez had real class in the middle of the park, though he was a bit of a rogue as well...but he was the complete package and he was – and still is – a lovely bloke as well.

But, above all else, he was one hell of a player.

I know he went to Nottingham Forest and Brian Clough didn’t give him a kick of the ball; I think he told him he had to learn how to trap a ball and Shez ended up at Sheffield Wednesday.

But in terms of any of those midfield lads playing in the first division in his era, Shez was as good as them.

Liverpool were the top team then and he could easily have fitted in there. He would have loved the type of passing football they used to play.

But Shez was so good he could have fitted into any of the ball-playing sides. He wouldn’t have looked out of place in any of them.

Shez very rarely plays in the old boys’ games now because of a knee problem and he can’t get about like he used to.


But even so now and again when he does make an appearance, he still gets his foot on the ball and likes to ping it about and you can still see his quality.

I used to love playing with him in training every day. He’d be full of little flicks and things and some of the things he did were terrific.

We were lucky to have him at Elland Road for the time we did and achieve what we did with the cup run and getting in the play-offs.

He could have walked into any first division team at that time, definitely.

He could pass the ball on a sixpence and scored some great goals as well! Some of his free-kicks were fantastic, like the one he scored against Charlton in that play-off game at St Andrews all those years ago.

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