Leeds United: There’s no sense in sacking boss McDermott – Ritchie

Brian McDermott.
Brian McDermott.
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Ex-Leeds United striker Andy Ritchie answers your questions.

Andy, what are your thoughts on Brian McDermott’s current situation?

I said after Tuesday’s game that I feel for him. I don’t think anybody wouldn’t have struggled to work under what is happening at the minute.

I don’t see what changing the manager would do at the minute.

He has brought a few players in, but not really been able to do what he wanted to do. If Brian goes, the whole ethos of the club will be changed yet again – and no-one even knows what is going to happen to the club.

I really do think Brian is a fantastic coach and manager and given the right situation, I am sure he will bring success. But at the moment, I don’t believe there is any sense in calling for his head until we know what is happening with the football club. Therein is another massive question.

You might say success on the pitch brings the club back to what it should be. But at the moment, with everything that is going on, we don’t know who the owners are and there’s been a bit of ambiguity about what is happening.

I know the club did make a statement the other day, but it didn’t say much. Nothing new really came out.

Before and after the game, we were discussing the prospect of what will happen if Cellino doesn’t take over? We haven’t really heard anything about that. Whether Brian is privy to it; I don’t know.

While it’s hard for Brian, it must be so hard for the players as well, with their futures.

There will be a bit of doubt in their minds, although the way they came back late on against Bolton with the two goals showed what they can do.

They must know they have got that performance in them and in the end, on the night, they could have even got a draw, as Brian said after the game.

Not many managers have been through what Brian has had to go through in the past few months and I have got to say that he has shown his loyalty.

He could have walked away with all that fiasco at the end of January and start of February, when it was a case of: ‘He’s sacked/no he hasn’t been sacked.’ He could have turned around and said: ‘Oh no, stuff you.’

I think he has really shown that he wants to do well at Leeds United. I know after speaking to him that he loves the place. He loves everything about the place and so wants to be successful there and be the man who provides the club with some stability.

Looking at the recent results, this is really when you need the fans to back everybody.

Leeds United fans have always done that and need to dig deep again. When you are in times of trouble, you need your fans even more.

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