Leeds United: The quicker Cellino gets in new boss the better – Gray

Brian McDermott.
Brian McDermott.
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iT was disappointing to see Brian McDermott go. I felt for Brian.

I spoke to him on Saturday morning and obviously he was disappointed. He sent me a text earlier on Friday evening but I never received it until the morning and when I received it I phoned him back. He had hoped to get the opportunity to carry on at Leeds but Brian understands that is the nature of football.

I think he is going to take a little bit of a break, a little holiday and have a re-think and he will bounce back. He’s been successful in the past and there’s no reason why he can’t be again.

He didn’t say much about the circumstances of leaving but he appreciated getting the opportunity to go out and manage the club. He was disappointed it never happened for him and he still felt as though he could have made it happen. But he’s been in the game a long time and he knows the circumstances of football. And although he will probably not agree with the decision, he accepts it. That’s football.

But I never received any details of what happened and what was said and that’s private between him and the president. There’s no doubt Brian was liked here by the fans and Brian conducted himself in the right manner. People appreciate that. Brian can leave with his had held high and there’s no doubt there will be a job somewhere for him.

Everybody at the football club will be wishing him all the best in what he does in the future, whether he stays in the game or not.

Whether it was the right thing for him to go or not is a difficult thing to say but everybody knows that it wasn’t a good season and the president has come in and he wants to do things his own way. That’s his prerogative. He has come into the football club and he will probably have a different view as to how the football club should be run to Brian. If that’s the case, then both parties are probably better splitting up. But he was very popular was Brian, of course he was.

He had a good rapport with his players and it’s sad to see him go. I’m sure he goes with everyone’s best wishes.

The president will now be taking advice from the people he listens to and we’ll just have to wait and see who comes in. And it’s still a big attraction is Leeds United and I’m sure there are a lot of managers who are out of the game saying ‘I wish I could get that job.’

It will be an interesting few weeks and the owner will be determined to be successful so that will be his criteria, getting us out of this division as quickly as possible.

The owner has not come here to languish in the Championship and for whoever comes in it’s going to be a tough job. I think sometimes when people come to a club like Leeds United they think it’s all going to be rosy but it can work out the opposite. It’s a top job because the expectation level, although we have not been successful for a number of years, is still very high.

Everybody will be having a guess about who’s coming in but the quicker it’s done the better for the football club. Then you can get the playing side sorted out and that’s the most important thing.

I don’t know much about this David Hockaday who there has been talk of but there’s a lot of people who have come from the Conference and done great jobs. I wouldn’t think that’s a slight on anybody and sometimes it’s harder to manage down there than it is to manage some of the big clubs.

And I don’t know anything about Gianluca Festa, all I know about him is as a player. But whether you are a new manager or an experienced manager, the only thing that counts is getting results and getting success.

There’s lot of people that went to football clubs with high expectations and failed and a lot of people went to football clubs with low expectations and succeeded. You look at Rotherham this year, they have had two promotions on the trot. There weren’t huge clubs clambering over their manager and he’s a done a great job.

I don’t see why we need a big name manager.

It’s all about results and whoever comes to the football club, if they know the game and they get the players playing and they are successful, that’s what makes you a big name.

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