Leeds United: Terry’s Cup final antics were bang out of order - Ormsby

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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

What was that all about with John Terry, kitted up, lifting the Uefa Cup, even though he never played against Benfica, he obviously has no shame!

I wouldn’t have had the bottle to do what Terry did, considering he wasn’t playing.

You can’t put your kit on, pick the Cup up and start dancing around the pitch when you haven’t played!

But as we know with Terry, he does these things, doesn’t he...I think he is out of order, to be honest.

He’s John Terry, so he does what he wants.

As he wasn’t involved in the final, he should have stayed away, in my opinion.

When we won the European Cup at Aston Villa back in 1982, I had played in the previous rounds, but was 17th man in the final and not in the squad.

Those were the days when you only had 16 in a match-day squad in Europe.

They always said they would get me a medal as three of the lads on the bench for the final hadn’t even kicked a ball in the competition.

As for me, it’s the way it goes, I suppose. But I did get a medal.

I joined in the celebrations when the game was over and in the party after.

But when we were presented with the trophy, they had won it themselves.

Fair play for Rafa Benitez for winning the trophy after a difficult year. Basically, what more could he have done to get the job (long-term)?

Mind you, this is from a club who sacked a man who won the FA Cup and Champions League last year.

With his Liverpool connection, some of the Chelsea people were never going to give him a chance.

But there isn’t more he could have done in the circumstances. He ensured they will play in the Champions League next year and won a cup.

In the past two seasons, I don’t think any fans would have complained about the amount of trophies they had won if they were Chelsea supporters.

But their two managers have gone.

The players at Chelsea haven’t really backed Benitez.

But that’s the modern-day player, many of whom are overpaid and think they are better.

They probably didn’t think Roberto Di Matteo should have gone, so decided not to give Benitez their full backing.

But unfortunately, that is what players are like at the top clubs these days.

They do have too much power.

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