Leeds United: Support for the new owner should come from right across the board – Lorimer

Massimo Cellino with Brian McDermott.
Massimo Cellino with Brian McDermott.
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MASSIMO CELLINO is a man who has been successful in business and it’s obvious he wants to take that a step further in the sport that he loves here at Leeds.

He has picked us to be his club and it’s the first time in a long while that anyone with any major money has been connected with us.

That’s a very important thing. He has the clout and the know-how, having been with Cagliari all those years – and he has the desire.

Those three things for me are a major step forward.

Now as a group and set of fans, we have to get behind the man and give Massimo the chance. Let him make the decisions he wants to make.

He’s got a plan and let’s everyone keep out of it and let him carry on with what he wants to do.

To a degree, too many people have been having an opinion on the situation.

But now we have got a man who has got the finances who wants to do the job. Now let’s sit back and let him get on with what he wants to do and let’s back him as much as we can.

Massimo needs a chance. Yes, there may be decisions people agree or disagree with. But whatever, it’s Massimo’s ‘baby’ and let’s accept he has a plan and let him get on with it. That’s important at this particular time.

It has been a huge wait for everybody at the club as it was obviously quite concerning to hear that GFH were running out of money (to put into the club).

It was very important for the club’s future that Massimo got this appeal through.

Now hopefully we can look forward to the future, which was looking a bit doubtful to say the least before we got this result.

I was really worried, although I always had a confidence somewhere he would get the club. Massimo really wanted it; if he didn’t want to take the football club forward, he could have walked away after the first decision by the Football League.

But he showed his determination and belief in Leeds United that he was prepared to fight for it and I think that was very important.

When realistically you looked at our situation and we had a man prepared to fight for it, it was admirable. He could easily have walked away and we would have been left with major problems.

Having spoken to Massimo a few times, the good thing about him is that he knows the game and has been in it a long period of time.

He has shown at Cagliari how passionate he is about football; the Italian people are and he soon saw this club as one he really wanted to develop.

There are lots of positive things. He wants to put his sons in to learn the business and when a man of his stature does things like that, it is clear he wants it to be a success at Leeds. That’s the message I get from him.

I have spoken to a lot of the Italian guys in Leeds about him who are from the Cagliari area and they all say that at Cagliari they love what he has done for the club.

He has kept them alive and despite the club being one of the smaller ones in Serie A, he has kept them in the top division in Italy and everybody has good words for him.

That’s what we have got to go with and that’s encouraging.

It’s sad that the whole thing has taken a while as obviously the club has taken a bit of bad publicity, which I never like to see at any time. The London journalists seemed to be loving it.

We’ve got six games until the end of the season. There’s a lot of people who have got to prove to the club they are worthy of being at the club next season; I think that goes without saying.

It’s a real challenge for everyone in the remainder of the season to show the commitment that is needed and obviously Massimo will make a decision on what he sees. That’s how it should be.

The major thing now is the Massimo has got the club and will have a plan and we need to let him get on with things now.

Don’t let’s have any more interference, Massimo now needs to be allowed get on with things.

I am sure we will only go forward now. Let’s be fair, we couldn’t really go any further back that we have been doing lately, to be honest, in the past couple of years. Instead of progressing, we have been regressing.

Now is the time to realise that this is a big chance for us as a football club and fingers crossed, let’s hope that everything Massimo wants to do can come off and he can get us to where we want to be in the not-too-distant future.

I think everyone would welcome that.

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