Leeds United: Stick with Rosler, ‘man up’ and play two up front at Elland Road - Whelan

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IT’S very frustrating what’s going on at Elland Road at the moment.

We are losing games at Elland Road which really should be our fortress where you should be picking up the majority of your points come the end of the season.

Stuart Dallas.

Stuart Dallas.

You’ve got to win your home games – or a very good percentage of them – to be up there challenging whether that’s for automatic promotion or for the play-offs.

If you don’t do that you are going to make it extremely difficult for yourself and you will be mid-table/bottom end.

Birmingham’s Clayton Donaldson said that coming to Elland Road at the moment was every away side’s dream and that’s got to anger you hasn’t it?

Elland Road used to be a place where people hated to come, they’d look at it and go ‘oh no, we’ve got Leeds today.’


I think we’ve got to deal with the expectation that the club puts on players, you’ve got to use it and harness it in a positive way.

It seems a bit like we can’t deal with the pressure but when you are at a leading club like Leeds United there’s going to be pressure on you.

There are expectations and you’ve got to channel that and put it out on the pitch and use that energy that the crowd gives you to try and move forward.

I’m not sure whether mentally we can cope with that as individual players or as a team but they are going to have to start because we can’t be having teams rocking up to Elland Road loving playing there. It’s got to be a place where it’s hard to come to and not a nice place to play your football.

We’ve got to get more nasty as a group of players, we’ve got to demand more as a group of players and we’ve got to have more leaders out there who can take charge and deal with situations when we do concede.

At the moment it seems like when we do concede we run out of ideas.

But you have got to stick behind Uwe Rosler, of course, and it’s probably as frustrating for Uwe as it is for all of us – the players, the fans, the supporters. This is something that he’s got to figure out and this is where your managerial skills come into play when you are down there like that.

We have seen it with Jose Mourinho – he’s a having a difficult time – and this is where you stand up and are accounted for, and not just as an individual manager but as a group and as a club.

We’ve got to figure this out – why can we not win at home? Why are our performances different at home than they are away? We’ve got to try and figure a way to resolve that and this problem. And the way to resolve it is to stick together and we’ve got to man up a little bit. The players have got to man up and they’ve got to show something that they’ve got inside of them – fire in their bellies – that they can change this situation and resolve the problem that lies at Elland Road at the moment.

People coming here and saying that they enjoy playing at Elland Road and look forward to it is not something or a quote you want to hear.

I think we possibly have to change the tactics at Elland Road and for me I would go 4-4-2. We’ve got out-and-out wingers now so we don’t need to worry about our formation where we have got to bolster the midfield.

We’ve got Antenucci who can run in behind and we’ve got Wood that can hold the ball up, we’ve seen them play together and do extremely well together and they can have a nice understanding.

And I think the longer they play together and we have natural wingers, when these crosses are coming in repeatedly, they will get in the box as they will be expecting that cross and the wingers will expect the forwards to be in there.

Sometimes we are putting crosses in and there’s nobody there. We are not causing the opposition’s back four enough problems and we are not asking enough questions of their centre halves and defenders.

That’s a problem as to win games you have to score goals.

We are not creating enough chances, we are getting to the final third and running out of ideas and, from my point of view, you’ve got to go for it at home. You’ve got to put the away team on the back foot, you’ve got to ask questions of their back four and you’ve got to make it uncomfortable for them.