Leeds United: Reds proved to be a class apart - Ormsby

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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

I was gutted with Tuesday night. But on reflection, do you think it was a case of us being bad or Man U being too good?


TO be honest, I just think Man United were just too good. I had to give marks to both sets of players in the game, both at half-time and after. And it was difficult for me to give the Leeds players decent marks as they just weren’t allowed to play. They were chasing the ball all night and Man United just passed it and moved. It was tremendous to watch.

I don’t think it was a case of Leeds being that bad; they just couldn’t handle it. The difference in quality was there for everyone to see.

We hardly got the ball and when we did get it, we gave it back to them too quickly.

People have said: ‘Why didn’t we get stuck in more’? But when Man United were as good as they were, you can’t. Leeds were working and chasing and Simon Grayson made his changes and boosted the midfield as we started with an attacking team and it didn’t work as we got overrun because of the difference in quality and they just weren’t fazed at all.

A few times, Adam Clayton had a few whacks at Berbatov when he dropped back. But while we were chasing the game with it gone, it was pointless doing any damage to yourself.

The game was over at the end of the first half and Man United just took their foot off the pedal in the second, which was just like a practice match and Fergie made the changes to give some of the big boys a rest.

For us, it was just about whether we could maybe get a consolation goal and we should have got one at the end when Ramon Nunez should have hit the target.

Giggs just dominated the game in the first half and we couldn’t get near him. He showed his experience and was class, as Berbatov was in dropping in at the back in the last 10 minutes, while Carrick just cruised it at the back.

If they had gone for it, it could have been double figures, but the game was dead and buried at the break.


Love them or hate them – and I know the Leeds people hate them – but Man United is just an organisation; a machine, which keeps churning out team after team and player after player. They were always on the move, in control, and it was a pleasure to see. I know I shouldn’t really say that because it’s Man U, but from a footballing point of view, they were that good.

A lot of Leeds fans will be disappointed at losing to our biggest rivals. But they have to realise that Man United – and supporters won’t like it coming from an ex-Leeds player – are one hell of a football club who have been at the top of the Premiership for years and years.

As hard as our lads worked, they just couldn’t get the ball off them. We hadn’t got anyone with the big-game experience of Berbatov, Giggs, Owen and Carrick.

Simon won’t admit it, but I think deep down he’d have realised Man United were odds-on favourites to win. There was no disgrace in losing in that sense.

That side on Tuesday would have beaten most Premiership sides, even though it was their back-up second team. If the full first team had been put out, what would they have done to us?

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